Appointment Process

»How do Ethics Board members get appointed?
The Ethics Board consists of six Milwaukee County residents (M.C.G.O. § 9.07(1)(a)). The County Executive shall solicit nominations for prospective Ethics Board members from the following:
  1. The President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
  2. The Board Chair of the Public Policy Forum.
  3. The Board Chair of the Greater Milwaukee Committee.
  4. The President of the Milwaukee Bar Association.
  5. The Board Chair of the Inter-Faith Conference of Greater Milwaukee.
  6. The President of the Board of the League of Women Voters of Greater Milwaukee (M.C.G.O. § 9.07(1)(b)).

Each nominating authority shall submit the names of two nominees to the County Executive, who shall then select and submit the name of one of the nominees to the County Board for confirmation (M.C.G.O. § 9.07(1)(e)).

If you are interested in serving on the Ethics Board, please contact one of the nominating authorities listed above. Candidate résumés must be provided to the County Board 30 days prior to the confirmation hearing.



Each Ethics Board member is appointed for a term of six years (M.C.G.O. § 9.07(1)). An Ethics Board member is limited to two consecutive terms on the Ethics Board and may not serve on the Ethics Board for more than twelve consecutive years (M.C.G.O. § 9.07(1)(g)).



No Ethics Board member may hold any other office or employment in Milwaukee County government during his or her term on the Ethics Board. If a member of the Ethics Board files as a candidate for public office during his or her tenure on the Ethics Board, he or she must resign from the Ethics Board (M.C.G.O. § 9.07(1)(h)).


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