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We are continuing to move forward with the planning and are pleased to let you know that the intent to award was sent to Infor, Inc.  Our next steps are to present to the County Board for approval during their July meeting. 

Upon approval, we will begin contract negotiations with Infor.


We are on track to begin implementation in early 2018.


Thank you to everyone who has participated in the process to date. Your dedication to this initiative is appreciated.


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This site serves as an information portal for Capital Project WO60201: Enterprise Platform Modernization, or the "ERP" Project.


This project will be the largest project the County has ever undertaken to modernize business-process related technology and optimize the County's overall business practices. The ERP project is necessary because the County's current legacy ERP systems, Advantage and Ceridian, are based on technology that is more than 30 years old. Both systems require specialized expertise to maintain. Over the next three to five years, the hardware and technological components of these systems will become outdated or go off technical support by their respective vendors. This increases the risk that these mission-critical systems might not function properly and substantially increases the cost to run and maintain them. Therefore, it is the strategic direction of the County to utilize more cost effective platforms and develop solutions which will better meet our business needs and reduce cost and risk to all Divisions and Departments.


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The ERP Project has a general  organizational structure as well as an Executive Steering Committee. Please visit our "Project Governance" page to learn more.

The ERP Project is currently in:

Phase 2: Analysis & Design

For more information on the current status of our project, or to view the project timeline, please visit our "Project Status" page.

What is an ERP System? What can these systems  do for Milwaukee County? And what do some of the current systems on the market today look like? Answers to these questions can be found on the "What is an ERP" page. This project is the largest and most involved enterprise technology project ever undertaken by Milwaukee County. It will affect users across all Departments and Divisions and change the way the County does business. To learn more about the project scope, or to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions, visit the "FAQs" page.

Current Project Status:

Active in Phase II: Analysis and Design

Click to learn more about Phase II.

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