Project Status

Current Status: Active in PHASE 2: Analysis and Design.


Project Methodology:

The ERP Project is designed to progress in phases. Each phase will cover a portion of the project with distinct requirements, timeline, deliverables and completion gateways. Plante & Moran, our vendor partner during this process, has developed the following Project Methodolgy to demonstrate the life cycle of this project:

The County completed PHASE 1: ERP Feasibility Study & Needs Assessment in early March, and kicked-off PHASE 2: Analysis and Design on June 8, 2016.

Phase 1: ERP Feasibility Study & Needs Assessment - COMPLETE!

The first phase of the ERP project focused on an assessment of the County's current financial and human resources environments, and identification of key strategic options and recommendations. In addition to the core ERP functions analyzed, the project also included an assessment of the major best-of-breed and third-party systems used by the County, conducting interviews with ERP stakeholders, and holding interviews and meetings where cross-departmental groups discussed a specific ERP function (for example, Accounts Payable). The project scope for Phase I included conducting project management tasks, reviewing documentation, conducting interviews, and assessing the County's technical environment to develop an ERP System Feasibility Study for certain business-critical functional areas within the County. 

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Phase 2: Analysis and Design - ACTIVE!

The second phase of the ERP project began on June 8, 2016, and will focus on:

  • development of an RFP to solicit ERP solutions;
  • Selection of an ERP solution and vendor; and
  • Development of a contract and Statement of Work.

This phase will develop detailed software requirements aligned with public sector best practices, develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) document, analyze vendor proposals, facilitate vendor scripted-software demonstrations, conduct due-diligence activities and assist in negotiation of a contract and statement of work.

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   Phase 3: Implementation

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Current Project Status:

Active in Phase II: Analysis and Design

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