Executive Steering Committee

The Executive Steering Commitee for the ERP Project is tasked with general oversight of the project process, decisionmaking, development and execution of a Project Charter, and other tasks as required. This Committee is composed of high-level County Employees in key areas impacted by a change in ERP functionality across the County. These individuals represent the interests of the County at an enterprise project level and are the voice of County needs, providing guidance to vendors and to the project as a whole to develop the best solution for all County users.


Executive Steering Committee Members:

Steven Kreklow

Director of Performance Strategy & Budget

Department of Administrative Services

Scott Manske


Office of the Comptroller

Kerry Mitchell


Human Resources

Michelle Nate

Deputy Comptroller

Office of the Comptroller

Laurie Panella

Chief Information Officer

Information Management Services Division



Current Project Status:

Active in Phase II: Analysis and Design

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