Project Governance

The Project Management Institute defines "project governance" as

"the framework, functions, and processes that guide project management activities in order to create a unique product, service, or result and meet organizational strategic and operational goals. The governance framework refers to four governance domains: oversight, control, integration, and decision making. Each of these domains has functions, processes, and activities for a project. Governance functions are a grouping of processes related to each other and across governance domains that are performed in order to support governance....[of a] project....The competing objectives of the project triple constraint (time, cost, and scope) make the execution of a project challenging. Because of these challenges, project governance is needed to guide and oversee the management of project execution and ensure stakeholder engagement."

The following graphics depict an example of the Project Governance Structure for the ERP Project. As the Project progresses, more complete versions of this graphic will be added to this site.


To view Project Governance Structure graphics:

To view information about the

Executive Steering Committee for the ERP Project:



To view the Phase 2 Project Charter:


To view the Phase 2 System Selection Governance Chart:






Current Project Status:

Active in Phase II: Analysis and Design

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