Phase 1: ERP Feasibility Study & Needs Assessment

Phase I of the ERP Project began in October of 2015.

Needs Assessment examined the strengths and weaknesses of the County's primary enterprise systems. During this phase, Plante & Moran reviewed core business processes and the County's current technology strategy, and identified opportunities for improvement and a future course of action. Some of the key findings of Phase 1 included:

  • An understanding that the County's current primary enterprise system environment is unsustainable as a result of antiquated technology, limited support, substantial customizations which make the system difficult to maintain, and a proliferation of inefficient processes.
  • A realization of the scope of data integrity/security risks as a result of standalone databases which reside in various County Departments and Divisions.
  • A comprehension of the limitations imposed on the County's ability to use a public-sector focused "off-the-shelf" ERP solution as a result of legacy County ordinances and legal decisions

The County is strong in the following areas:

  • County management is supportive and attempting to engage stakeholders.
  • Effective workarounds do exist within the County that can address many of the current system limitations.
  • There is a strong County-wide desire to increase efficiency.
  • Experience using newer ERP systems and increasing ERP awareness exist throughout the County.
  • The County's Intranet has improved our ability to analyze financial data.
  • Pent-up demand for a new, more efficient and more effective solution already exists, and is mobilizing us toward change.


The County needs improvement in the following areas:

  • We have limited tools for our end-users to develop reports.
  • A lack of integration exists between many of the County's legacy system components.
  • County system access is inconsistent.
  • Side systems within the County that handle ERP-type processes (financial, HR) are proliferating and create demands on the Departments that use them, and on IMSD.
  • SOP communication and enforcement is lacking.
  • Limited ongoing training is available.
  • A large number of County processes are still based on paper.
  • Communication when upgrading/modifying key systems is under par.


In addition to the information provided above, our vendor partner, Plante & Moran, provided the County with a Presentation of Findings and Final Needs Assessment Report at the conclusion of Phase 1 in early March. The County also performed Market Research designed to provide County employees with some context regarding current market trends in ERP System solutions. The report, presentation, and results of the County's Market Research may be accessed using the links below.


Plante & Moran's

PowerPoint Presentation of Findings

Plante & Moran's

Final ERP Feasibility & Needs Assessment Report

Milwaukee County's

Market Research on Current ERP Systems

This report is currently unavailable.

An updated version of the report will be available soon.









Current Project Status:

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