Electronic Real Estate Transfer Returns


Section 77.22(1) of the Wisconsin Statutes provides that “...submission of a completed real estate transfer return and collection by the register of the fee shall be prerequisites to acceptance of the conveyance for recording.” All information on the transfer return is useful to the local assessor, other municipal and county officials and staff of the Department of Revenue who have a statutory responsibility in the administration of Wisconsin tax laws.


eRETR Help

A deed and an Electronic Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return (eRETR) must be completed to convey title to real estate.

Blank deed forms and deed instructions are not available for download from DOR's website. You can obtain blank deeds from an office supply or a title company: http://www.wi.ctic.com/

If you need additional information in regards to your inquiry you will have to consult with a title company or an attorney. For further assistance you may call the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at 608-266-1594


Computers are available for the public to prepare and print an eRETR receipt in the Milwaukee County Law Library, located in the Milwaukee County Courthouse, 901 N. 9th Sreet, Room G8.  Library staff are unable to assist in preparing an eRETR.


The Marquette Volunteer Legal Clinic may also be able to assist you.


Submit your Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return electronically on-line at:  https://ww2.revenue.wi.gov/GenericFile/application?interview=1127322


The Wisconsin Department of Revenue has produced a series of videos to assist with filing an Electronic Real Estate Transfer Return (eRETR). These videos answer common questions and provide helpful tips about using the eRETR.


You can watch the videos online at the Real Estate Transfer Returnsweb page. The videos will also be available within the eRETR application so that the appropriate topic can be viewed when completing a return: 

Video 1 – Overview

Video 2 – Grantor / Grantee, Parcel Section and Transfer Section

Video 3 – Fee Computation Section

Video 4 – Submitting Your Return

Video 5 – Saving and Restoring Your Return

Video 6 – View and Print Return

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact:  eRETR@revenue.wi.gov 






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