Delinquent Property Tax Online

The Milwaukee County Treasurer's Office collects delinquent property taxes for 2016 and prior years, as of August 1, 2017, and for all Milwaukee County Municipalities EXCEPT CITY OF MILWAUKEE properties.


The CITY OF MILWAUKEE TREASURER collects current and delinquent taxes for all properties in the CITY OF MILWAUKEE.


To view City of Milwaukee property tax information, click here.



Milwaukee County has tried to make it more convenient to pay delinquent property taxes by providing several payment methods. These include:


              (1) Pay in Person at the Milwaukee County Courthouse

              (2) Mail Your Payment

              (3) Online E-Check Payment

              (4) Online Credit or Debit Card Payment.


The Treasurer's office arranges collection of back taxes through payments using the above four methods, Wisconsin Tax Refund Intercept (TRIP), foreclosures, or suing the individual personally for the taxes. Contact the Treasurer directly by phone to discuss setting up a monthly payment plan. Keep in mind that by law the Treasurer must charge 18% delinquency charges per year. It is to your advantage to pay your back taxes as quickly as you can. You might want to consider a home equity loan at a lower interest rate, or refinancing a mortgage to include the property taxes and any other bills you might have.  


Also beware of any broker or lender who promises "quick" or "easy" loans. There are NO such things. Check with reputable banks and other lenders. If one turns you down ask why. Then go to another lender. Most people, by far, pay their taxes and feel the obligation to support the many services -- police, fire, paramedics, county jails, sanitation, street maintenance, parks, public health services, etc. -- that are funded by property taxes.  


Delinquent property tax payments made online by E-Check, credit or debit card are done through Point & Pay*. Their charge for this service is a flat fee of $1.50 for E-Checks, and 2.39% on the amount paid using debit or credit cards. 


*Point & Pay is not a branch, office or department of Milwaukee County. Milwaukee County receives no part of the convenience fee charged by Point & Pay, receiving only the tax amount. 

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