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While not inclusive, the list below identifies the various programs/services available to youth, families and the juvenile court, in addition to intake and supervision services provided by the department intended to support a balanced approach comprised of community protection, accountability, and competency development.  Many services are provided in partnership with youth-serving agencies, which allows youth to enhance and continue positive community connections.


These programs and responses serve youth as a diversion from entry into the juvenile justice system, as an alternative to detention while court is pending, or as a community-based service following disposition in addition to court-ordered supervision.


The programs and services do not include secure detention services, intake assessment, case planning or compliance supervision provided directly by the County.


Prevention/Early Intervention


In-Home Monitoring Program

An intensive in-home program for alleged delinquent youth who are not an immediate risk to the community, but are at-risk for placement in detention or shelter care without additional supervision and support services in the community.


Shelter Care Program

State licensed facilities providing short-term, supervised residential care for youth who may not be returned home pursuant to a court order.


Post Adjudication


Children's Court Services Network (CCSN)

A county-coordinated network of community-based agencies certified to provide a variety of clinical and support services based on assessed needs of youth and family.


Group Home and Foster Care

State licensed homes providing community-based alternative living arrangements for delinquent youth who cannot return home in the immediate future.  Many of these delinquent youth have complex personal and family issues necessitating an alternative living situation.


Targed Monitoring Program (Firearm Offenders)

This program provides intensive monitoring, structured programming and accountability in community-based settings targeting youth involved with firearms.


2007 Office of Justice and Delinquency Prevention Program Award


Targeted Monitoring Program (Serious Chronic Offenders)

This program provides intensive monitoring, structured programming and accountability in community-based settings targeting youth involved with serious or multiple offending behavior.


Targeted Monitoring Program (Burglary Offenders)

This program, developed as a community partnership among Safe and Sound, Running Rebels and the District Attorney's office, aims to target youth referred for burglary with a blend of restorative justice and increased community supervision.


True Aftercare Program

Provides individual and family support and services tailored to siblings and graduates of youth involved in court-ordered targeted monitoring programs.


Wraparound Milwaukee

Wraparound Milwaukee serves families and their delinquent youth presenting serious emotional or mental health needs as identified by the juvenile justice system.


2009 Harvard University Innovations in Government Award



PIVOT Program

A multi-phase program in partnership with a state licensed residential type II facility, county probation supervision and Wraparound Milwaukee that includes restorative and congnitive practices.


2009 Coalition for Juvenile Justice Conference presentation:

Wisconsin Disproportionate Minority Contact Strategy



Reentry Support/Services



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