Major Functional Areas

State of Wisconsin - Juvenile Justice Flow Chart: Chapter 938

Milwaukee County - Delinquency and Court Services Division Flow Chart: The Life of a Case


Administration & Support

Administration and support functions provide policy direction, programmatic and fiscal management, staff supervision, data research and analysis, budget development, procurement of services, development of cooperative alliances with outside agencies and adherence to state and federal laws.  Included is, development and implementation of non-judicial operational procedures of intake, detention, probation supervision and direct community-based services.


Detention Facility

The detention facility provides secure custodial care of detained youth.  In addition to providing a safe and secure environment, the center provides education, sanctions, short-term mental health services, basic health screens and medical follow-up and other short-term services as necessary.


Intake & Probation Services

This division provides statutorily-required screening, assessment and supervision of youth referred to delinquency and juveniles in need of protection and service matters.  While not inclusive, these functions coordinate the provision of direct services, monitor and respond to court compliance and provide other services for the court, incorporating researched-based and data-driven strategies to guide the department's work and services.


Purchase Services & Partnerships

This division oversees and contracts for a variety of direct and support services purchased through various contracts and a network of service providers.  Target areas include prevention, diversion, supervision, support services, alternative education settings, out-of-home placements, targeted supervision (intensive) and re-entry support.  See "Programs & Services" area for more information.


Human Service Worker (HSW)

The Human Service Worker (HSW) is essential to DCSD operations.  Under general supervision, the HSW conducts intakes and assessments to determine the risk level and needs of youth alleged to have committed delinquent acts and provides necessary supervision and case management.  This includes interviewing the youth, family members and other collaterals; conducting home and school visits; intake inquiries; implementing appropriate intervention strategies; preparing written court reports and oral testimony for Children’s Court appearances and maintaining current documentation on case load assignments.


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