Provider Ambassador Program Overview


Taken from the Continuous Quality Improvement Plan…


DCSD Provider Ambassador Program


The Milwaukee County Delinquency and Court Services Division’s Provider Ambassador Program was designed and implemented in 2015 to build on the existing relationships with providers in Milwaukee County and DCSD representatives.


At the time of implementation, ambassadors were identified through a collaborative process with DCSD, Wraparound Milwaukee and JJRRI representatives.  As the program evolves, other provider agencies will be acknowledged for their continuous improvement activities and can be recognized as ambassadors as a result.


The foundation for the work being done in the community lies in the collaboration between the public system of service delivery with the greater community and its resources as the key to increasing public safety and reaching better outcomes for youth involved in the juvenile justice system of Milwaukee County.


There are numerous benefits associated with developing and utilizing the Ambassador Program. The most important is the development and ability to sustain a dynamic JJ system.  Ambassadors will demonstrate a commitment to the performance improvement process and serve as mentors to other providers in need of support as well as demonstrate change with their own agency action planning.


This format provides the ability to support the informal collaborations amongst providers and use it to inform JJ practices.  In doing so, the ambassadors can also communicate the message with other providers regarding the importance of the actual program change versus focusing on a change in the numerical SPEP score.  Also, ambassadors are able to facilitate the presentation of change projects at provider meetings and encourage the enthusiastic participation of providers to sustain the investments made into the community.


The model anticipates that providers will contribute to DCSD’s development of a performance improvement model and participate in workgroups.  Additionally, the goals include sustaining a positive relationship with DCSD and continuing to advocate for the needs of the youth we serve, the providers, the community and DCSD.  Ambassadors will especially be responsible for demonstrating a commitment to their own agency’s action plan and change projects, but will also be expected to mentor other providers on their change projects.


Ambassadors can host and/or facilitate gatherings for providers and co-facilitate various informational sessions and trainings held by DCSD.  Wraparound Milwaukee and DCSD co-facilitate bi-monthly meetings for all providers in their networks.  This venue is used as a means of gathering and sharing needed information regarding providers, the community and DCSD.



Provider Ambassador (PA) Program Overview


  1. General PA Outcomes
    1. Improve youth outcomes
    2. Build community relationships
    3. Develop a dynamic system of collaboration


  1. General Expectations for Provider Ambassadors
    1. Contribution to DCSD workgroup process/ Provide feedback as needed
    2. Sustain a positive relationship with DCSD
    3. Advocate for youth, providers, the community and DCSD needs
    4. Co-facilitate provider meetings/ Facilitate Q & A portion of the meeting
    5. Present change projects at provider meetings
    6. Co-facilitate the information sessions and change academy trainings with DCSD
    7. Participate in additional training as needed for Train the Trainer (TTT)
    8. Standardized Program Evaluation (SPEP) Champions

i.Demonstrate a commitment to the PA agency’s action plan

ii.Mentor other providers with action planning


  1. General Expectations for DCSD to Sustain the Ambassador Program
    1. Commit to seeking input from the community providers
    2. PA trainings and opportunities to ensure consistency in communication
    3. Advocate for providers and champion the PA program message
    4. Hold training for all providers to formally gain information
    5. Host meetings/sessions for all providers to gain information and consultation
    6. Recruit new PA through recognition of participation, investment and continuous quality improvements


  1. Provider Ambassadors
  • Nehemiah Group Home (Transcenter)
  • Running Rebels Community Organization (RRCO)
  • St. Charles Youth & Family Services (SCYFS)
  • Southwest Key Programs, Inc. (SWK)
  • Wisconsin Community Services, Inc. (WCS)



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