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Court Related Services

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Court Services

Adults at Risk 

If you suspect that a Milwaukee County resident between the ages of 18 and 59 is being physically or emotionally abused, neglected, financially exploited, or is unable to care for himself or herself, Milwaukee County’s Disabilities Services Division encourages you to call immediately. Division professionals are eager to provide assistance and ensure Milwaukee County disabled residents are treated with the dignity and respect every person deserves.

Through Adult Protective Services, Milwaukee County’s Disabilities Services Division investigates all allegations of abuse, neglect, self-neglect, and financial exploitation of Milwaukee County’s residents with disabilities.

Court Comprehensive Evaluations

Milwaukee County’s Disabilities Services Division provides Court Comprehensive Evaluations for individuals with disabilities who may no longer be able to care, or make decisions, for themselves due to a disability, and whose situations are before Probate Court to determine whether a legal guardian should be appointed. Judges use these comprehensive evaluations and Division recommendations in deciding whether it would be best to appoint a legal guardian, who will advocate for the person’s care and welfare.


For those persons with disabilities under court-ordered Guardianship, Milwaukee County’s Disabilities Services Division regularly monitors to ensure appointed guardians are acting appropriately and in the best interest of the individual.

Watts Reviews

In cases in which there is a protective placement order, Milwaukee County’s Disabilities Services Division conducts a Watts Review, annually. The Watts Review includes assessing the individuals’ functional abilities and disabilities as well as the adequacy of supervision and services being received. The ultimate goal is to ensure persons with disabilities are placed in the least restrictive environment and most integrated community setting.

All referrals are handled confidentially. So, please contact Milwaukee County’s Disabilities Services Division immediately if you are concerned that a resident is suffering due to abuse, neglect, self-neglect, or financial exploitation.

Milwaukee County Disabilities Services Division accepts referrals for its Court-related Services in English or Spanish Mondays through Fridays:

Telephone between 8:00am and 4:30pm, and 24 hours daily via voicemail.

To make a referral to Milwaukee County’s Court-Related Services, please call (414) 289-6660.

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