Youth Transition Services


What are Transition Services? 

Transition Services are generally thought of as the time students with special needs plan for and leave high school. This can be and often is a challenging time for students and families. Every time a student acquires a skill it can open up an additional option for the student when he/she leaves high school.

What are some of the areas that are considered in Transition Services?

Generally, students and families are concerned with and dealing with what options they may have after leaving high school. These options can be divided into three main areas;
Ø      Educational Options
Ø      Vocational Options
Ø      Residential Options.
Educational Options can vary considerably based on the student’s abilities and preferences. The student may want to pursue college or tech school. The student may need training on how to safely cross the street. 
Vocational Options may involve training for a career or assistance with a job search. In many cases the first resource for vocational related activities is the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).
Residential Options are designed to assist the student with special needs to be as independent as their skills allow. The supports can run the gamete from assistance in the home to supported apartments to group homes to assistance finding the student’s own apartment.


What are some of the Key Decisions needed at this time?

Decisions need to be made whether to pursue Guardianship. These decisions should be based on protecting the student while maximizing his/her rights. There are many levels of guardianship and Wisconsin law favors the least restrictive form of guardianship needed to protect the student.
Decisions need to be made whether the student will require Publicly Funded Long Term Care? If these services may be needed a referral to the Disability Resource Center at 17 years 6 months (414-289-6660) should be initiated. Eligibility will be determined by the Disability Resource Center.
Decisions on the need for assistance with vocational pursuits need to be addressed at the time the student is planning on leaving high school. A referral to the Division Of Vocational Rehabilitation should be initiated 4 semesters prior to graduation if the student will need assistance.
Decisions about applying for Social Security benefits or receiving an Adult Disability Determination if currently receiving Social Security or Katie Beckett prior to 18 must be pursued.
Males must Register with Selective Service or request a waiver.

The Disability Resource Center can answer questions related to Transition questions and has a person who is a resource in this area. A resource manual “Living My Dream” has been developed to assist students and families plan for their futures after high school.

Referrals can be made from 8:00A.M. to 4:30P.M., Monday through Friday via:

Phone: (414) 289-6799 (English & Spanish)
Voicemail is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

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