Resource Management

Stormwater Management

Stormwater is a significant contributor to the pollution of our streams, rivers and lakes. It also contributes to flooding and can result in property damage and human health risk. Milwaukee County is working to reduce negative stormwater impacts in several ways, including construction of detention basins, bioinfiltration basins, rain gardens, and restoration of eroded streambanks and hillslopes. Major construction projects performed by Milwaukee County must have stormwater control plans prepared and adhered to during construction to mitigate impacts. Stormwater pollution prevention plans have been prepared for major facilities operated by the County.
Bradford Beach 

This bioinfiltration swale along Bradford Beach serves to remove pollutants from stormwater and keep our beaches cleaner.

Reducing Water Consumption

Fresh water is one of Milwaukee County’s greatest assets. Producing potable water requires energy and results in wastewater. Milwaukee County is striving to conserve water through the installation of low-flow fixtures in its buildings and by converting areas that were once irrigated bluegrass turf into areas covered with native vegetation.


Milwaukee County recycles a variety of materials, including paper, aluminum cans, bottles and cardboard. Used computers and electronics are recycled or donated for re-use. 


Milwaukee County is striving to be a more paperless operation. Increased emphasis on the distribution of information electronically not only consumes less paper and generates less waste, but provides a faster, lower-cost means of doing business.

Milwaukee County

Define Resource Mgt

The process of using  resources in the most efficient way possible. These resources can include tangible resources such as goods and equipment, financial resources, and labor resources such as employees. 


Resource Mgt Facts

The amount of energy required to produce a pound of aluminum cans from recycled aluminum is 5% of the energy required to produce that pound from raw materials.  

The production of paper from recycled paper uses 50% less water.

In 2007, Milwaukee County recycled 627 tons of office paper.  This equates to over 10,000 trees per year.

 Milwaukee County purchases paper for it copy machines that is made from 30% recycled materials.


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