Press Releases


1-28-16 Supervisor Jursik: The Century Parks of Bay View, Sheridan and Grant Must Be Protected


12-16-15 Supervisors Jursik, Weishan Introduce Resolution Supporting “John Doe II”

12-4-15 Sup. Jursik: Can the County Executive Sell Off Milwaukee County’s History?

11-5-15 Sup. Jursik: Softball, Baseball Diamonds in South Shore Parks Suffer Under County Executive Abele

10-21-15 Sup. Jursik: Hands Off GAB

10-12-15 Sup. Jursik, South Shore Chamber, to Host Economic Development Forum October 14

10-9-15 Sup. Jursik: A Review of the Proposed Milwaukee County Budget

9-30-15 Sup. Jursik, South Shore Chamber of Commerce, to Hold South Shore Economic Development Forum Oct. 14

8-19-15 Sup. Jursik Asks for Assurance on Public Access to Couture Development

7-29-15 Sup. Jursik: Milwaukee County Residents Not Well-Served in Arena Financing Plan

7-26-15 Sup. Jursik Proudly Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act

6-25-15 Sup. Jursik Thanks County Board for Approving Measure to Fix South Milwaukee Pedestrian Bridge

6-15-15 Sup. Jursik on Arena Deal: "Bad Debt Not a Revenue Stream"

6-10-15 Sup. Jursik: "Pedal in the Park with Pat" Bike Ride/Concert to be Held June 18 at Sheridan Park Pavilion

6-2-15 County Board Sets Public Hearing on Proposal to Develop Park East Land for 5:30 p.m. on June 9 at War Memorial

6-1-15 MEDIA ADVISORY: Sup. Patricia Jursik to Hold Town Hall on Cudahy Sportsmen's Gun Club on June 3 at 6:30 p.m.

5-26-15 MEDIA ADVISORY: Chairwoman Dimitrijevic, Sup. Jursik to Help Distribute GO Passes on May 27, 29th

5-11-15 Sup. Jursik Announces Fair Housing Award for Milwaukee County

3-24-15 Fresh Discussions to Begin on the Future of Downtown Lakefront and O'Donnell Park

3-23-15 Sup. Jursik Honors Mayor Bolender's Memory on Oak Creek Bus Ride

3-23-15 Sups. Dimitrijevic, Jursik and Lipscomb to Ride New Bus Routes Today; Media Availabilities

3-12-15 Sup. Jursik's Open Letter to Sen. Ron Johnson on His Letter to the Iranian Government

3-4-15 Supervisors Announce New Bus Service to Suburban Job Centers

1-22-15 Sup. Jursik Announces New Bus Routes at Southridge

1-15-15 Sup. Jursik Announces Sheridan Park Pavilion Grand Opening

1-12-15 Three Supervisors Introduce Resolution to Repair O'Donnell Park, Create Task Force



12-10-14 Sups. Broderick, Johnson and Jursik Announce Opposition to O'Donnell Park Sale

12-10-14 Three County Supervisors to Hold News Conference on O'Donnell Park at 4 p.m. Today

11-6-14 Sup. Jursik on Southridge Compromise

11-5-14 Sup. Jursik Announces South Shore Option Forum

10-27-14 Sup. Jursik Urges NM to Deed Restrict Southeastern Quadrant of O'Donnell Park

    (Lakefront Map)

10-22-14 Sup. Jursik Critical of Southridge; Ordinance Passes Committee

9-29-14 Sup. Jursik Criticizes "Shilling for Talk Radio"

9-25-14 Sup. Jursik Applauds Passage of Audit Resolution

9-2-14 Sup. Jursik Criticizes Suburban Rejection of Regional Housing Plan

6-30-14 Patrick Cudahy Statue to be Re-Dedicated on July 4

6-26-14 Sup. Jursik Praises Board Passage of County Holdings Downsizing Resolution

6-17-14 B.U.S.S. To Hold Public Meeting June 23

6-16-14 Pedal in the Park With Pat

6-11-14 Sup. Jursik Introduces Resolution to Downsize County Holdings

5-22-14 Sup. Jursik: "This is a hell of a way to fund transit."

4-30-14 Sup. Jursik Introduces Resolution to Restore Bus Access to Malls

4-21-14 B.U.S.S. Welcomes Goodwill to Coalition

4-17-14 B.U.S.S. Stop April 19 at Southridge

3-20-14 Transit Plus Service Does Not Provide Enough Accessibility to Southridge

3-11-14 The Next B.U.S.S. Stop: Village of Greendale, March 25 at 6:30 p.m.

3-11-14 Sup. Jursik Applauds Additional Block Grant Funds to Upgrade the Sheridan Park Pavilion During This Centennial Year

2-5-14 Supervisor Jursik Criticizes Shoreline Bill

2-5-14 Supervisor Jursik, Community Leaders Join Celebration for 100th Centennial of Sheridan Park Feb.14

2-3-14 Supervisor Jursik Warns of Ice Hazards



12-12-13 Petitions for "B.U.S.S." Supporters to Sign

12-12-13 "B.U.S.S." Letter Delivered to Southridge Mall Management

12-5-13 Leaders Encouraged to "Get on the B.U.S.S."

6-28-13 Supervisor Jursik Statement on Corporation Counsel Firing

5-6-13 Supervisors Bowen and Jursik Applaud Court Decision on House of Correction

4-24-13 Supervisor Jursik Statement on County Executive Veto Message

4-17-13 Jursik not playing the game any more

4-5-13 South Shore Residents Weigh in on Restructuring County Government

4-2-13 Supervisor Jursik to Hold Public Meeting April 4 on Future of Milwaukee County Governance

3-7-13 Supervisor Jursik Invites Residents to Meeting about County Government

3-6-13 "Exhibit A" Criticizes the Sheriff

2-8-13 Supervisor Jursik Congratulates Sue Black On New Position

2-1-13 Justice Geske Appointed to Mediate Art Museum, War Memorial Talks



12-5-12 Lake Parkway Extension to Provide Infrastructure for Economic Growth

11-7-12 Supervisors Call on County Exec to Strengthen Economic Development Post

10-30-12 Supervisor Jursik Takes Leadership Role on County Real Estate, Costs

9-28-12 Supervisor Jursik Applauds Approval of Land Sales Resolution

9-10-12 Supervisor Jursik Co-Sponsors Economic Development Forum: South Shore Option 2.0

8-29-12 Supervisor Jursik Criticizes County Executive Veto of Land Sale Resolution

8-7-12 Supervisor Haas, Supervisor Jursik Applaud MCTS Route Trial Extension

8-6-12 Supervisor Jursik statement on temple shooting

7-11-12 Supervisor Jursik statement on Downtown Transit Center

6-20-12 Supervisor Jursik sets special committee meeting on Park East

6-14-12 6th Annual Pedal in the Park with Pat

6-7-12 Facilities contract: The good news and the bad news

5-21-12 Strategic Plan Update: A Progress Report

5-9-12 County Board Committee endorses Lake Parkway extension

4-17-12 Supervisor Jursik congratulates Supervisor Dimitrijevic

3-27-12 Committee unanimously endorses 794 Lake Parkway extension

3-26-12 Public weighs in on proposed 794 Lake Parkway extension

3-15-12 Board approves concept to enhance 128th Air Refueling Wing

2-29-12 Public hearing and comment period on proposed 794 Lake Parkway extension

2-27-12 Letter from Supervisor Patricia Jursik to County Executive Chris Abele

1-3-12 Wait lists grow as Walker is ordered to remove caps for Family Care



11-18-11 College Avenue to reopen near airport

10-24-11 Supervisors to host information meeting on proposed express bus service

10-20-11 Dept. of Health Services to hold hearing on programs including Family Care on October 21, 2011

10-17-11 Gov. Walker wait lists Family Care, but supported it as County Exec.

10-14-11 South Milwaukee goes Pink

9-19-11 Study finds proposed transit cuts will make thousands more jobs inaccessible

9-13-11 South Side/South Suburban Supervisors to host community meetings on mass transit

9-7-11 The South Shore Option: Forum for Economic Development

7-21-11 Supervisors Jursik, Haas continue puse for strong Aerotropolis

7-17-11 Grant Park Family Fun Day

6-23-11 Sup Jursik announce Human Resources plan for Milwaukee County

6-16-11 Child Support cuts would lead to fewer support payments

  6-16-11 CB letter to Sen. Darling on child support

6-16-11 5th Annual Pedal in the Park with Pat

6-8-11 Project Milwaukee: Southern Connections

4-11-11 "Save OUR Ride" with Supervisors at Joint Finance Committee hearing

4-6-11 Committee approves interfaith chapel at Mitchell Airport (photo included)

4-4-11 Hoan Bridge Project announced

3-18-11 Facilities plan to be developed for Milwaukee County

3-18-11 County Board establishes process for lakefront development

3-16-11 South Shore Forum for Economic Development

2-14-11 Supervisor Jursik statement on the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC) report



10-21-10 County Executive's unbalanced 2011 Budget includes $27.5 million deficit

10-19-10 South Milwaukee Goes Pink

10-1-10 County Board endorses Aerotropolis concept

8-31-10 Supervisor Jursik: "I'm Bullish on the South Shore"

8-27-10 Mental health crisis is not an issue about a building

8-27-10 Next step in extending the Lake Parkway

8-2-10 Warnimont Dog Exercise Area opens August 6

7-13-10 State announces plans to inspect, repair Hoan Bridge

7-8-10 Grant Park Centennial Celebration July 18

6-17-10 Hoan Bridge continues to crumble; netting is not a long-term fix

6-17-10 Pedal in the Park with Pat this Thrusday

6-11-10 County Supervisors bike, bus to work Friday morning

5-27-10 County Board approves contract for inmate transportation

5-24-10 Committee approves union agreements with attorneys

4-29-10 City of St. Francis to consider Lake Parkway extension

4-20-10 Oak Creek to consider Lake Parkway extension

4-1-10 Supervisor Jursik requests action from State on Hoan Bridge

2-25-10 South Milwaukee to consider Lake Parkway extension

2-11-10 Fresh Water Days in South Milwaukee

2-4-10 County Board approves first step in extending Lake Parkway

2-1-10 National volunteers visit Cudahy to hightlight public service

1-20-10 Extend the Lake Parkway to serve growing South Shore communities



11-30-09 City attempting to delay re-decking of Hoan Bridge

11-24-09 Coalition to Save the Hoan presents petitions to Governor

Coordinating Committee letter to Governor

10-28-09 Newsmaker Luncheon: The Future of the Hoan Bridge

10-1-09 Sup. Jursik questions where Hoan Bridge alternatives originated

9-24-09  County Board calls for long-term study of Hoan Bridge

9-2-09 Threat of Epic Proportions Against Heavy Manufacturing

8-18-09 Hoan Bridge Alternative Studies - MMAC

8-6-09 Coalition Town Hall Meetings

8-3-09 Coalition to Save the Hoan" formed to preserve vital economic link

7-6-09 Milwaukee County ready to assist City of Cudahy

7-1-09 Statement must preserve 794 freeway connection to south shore

6-18-09 Pedal in the Park with Pat this Thursday

6-3-09 County Supervisors to launch MCTS bicycle racks

5-19-09 Strategic planning, administrative reform proposed for Milwaukee County government

3-24-09 Sup. Jursik urges County Executive to reconsider stimulus funds

2-18-09 Supervisor Jursik to County Exec.: May I have my shovel back?

2-6-09 County Board approves plan to embrace regional transit



9-8-08 Supervisor Jursik assembles coalition of South Shore leaders opposed to possible demolition of Hoan Bridge

7-24-08 Board approves pilot project to provide technology services to the City of Cudahy

7-1-08 Naturalization Ceremony to be held in Cudahy July 10th

5-8-08 Milwaukee County provides valuable services to numerous public and private organizations

2-18-08 Supervisor Jursik calls on the state Assembly to bring the Great Lakes Water Compact without changes or delays

1-23-08 Committee approves noise study update for Mitchell International



12-14-07 Support for Great Lakes Compact gains momentum at County Board

8-31-07 Supervisor Jursik appointed to County Board Committees



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