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11-6-17 2018 County Budget Includes Dimitrijevic's Eviction Reduction Plan

11-2-17 Supervisors Haas and Dimitrijevic to Host Town Hall

10-26-17 Supervisor Dimitrijevic Thanks Finance Committee for Approval of Eviction Reduction Plan
9-5-17 Supervisor Dimitrijevic to Join DACA March and Hunger Strike

8-14-17 Milwaukee County Supervisors Condemn Terrorist Attack in Charlottesville

7-13-17 County Investments in South Shore Park Pay Off

4-26-17 Judge's Ruling a Victory for American Values

4-12-17 Supervisor Dimitrijevic Condemns Hate Crime Attack
3-8-17 County Board Gets in the Driver's Seat to Operate Streetcar

3-1-17 Shuttered Pulaski Park Pavilion to Reopen March 8

2-2-17 All are Welcome in Milwaukee County

1-25-17 Milwaukee County Opposes Discrimination in All Forms
1-19-17 Supervisor Dimitrijevic Voted "Best" in Reader Poll



11-21-16 South Shore Park to Benefit from $1.2 Million Investment

10-21-16 Government, Business and Non-profit Leaders Celebrate Launch of Milwaukee County Urban Orchards with Ceremonial Tree Planting

7-5-16 Republican Leader Scott Fitzgerald Makes Threats to Further Cut Funding for Milwaukee Public Schools

3-24-16 Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic Announces Grants for South Shore Park Improvements



11-30-15 Family Free Day at Pulaski Indoor Pool Wednesday, December 2

10-30-15 Sup. Dimitrijevic: Milwaukee County's S.E.E.D. Program Progresses with Partners

10-29-15 Sup. Dimitrijevic Thanks Committee for Support in Reopening of Pulaski Park Pavilion

10-26-15 Finance Committee Passes Amendment on Local ID Cards

9-24-15 Sups. Dimitrijevic and Haas Announce More Than $400,000 in Parks Improvements in Bay View Neighborhood

8-5-15 Sup. Dimitrijevic Invites Community to Grand Opening of South Shore Terrace August 19

7-30-15 County Board Overrides Parks and Transit Veto, Passes Measure Protecting Taxpayers From Actuaries' Error on Pensions

7-21-15 Public to Public Partnership Between Milwaukee Art Museum and County on O'Donnell Park is "Moving Forward"

7-15-15 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic and Sup. Lipscomb: County Surplus Funds Should Be Reinvested

7-6-15 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Responds to Proposals That Would Erase Checks and Balances in County Government

7-1-15 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic, Sup. Mayo Call for Restoration of Bus Service

6-25-15 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Announces Adoption of S.E.E.D. Program to Eradicate Food Deserts

6-2-15 County Board Sets Public Hearing on Proposal to Develop Park East Land for 5:30 p.m. on June 9 at War Memorial

5-27-15 MEDIA ADVISORY: Chairwoman Dimitrijevic, Sup. Jursik to Help Distribute GO Passes on May 27, 29th

5-21-15 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Thanks Board for Overwhelming Support of S.E.E.D Legislation to Eliminate Food Deserts

5-20-15 Cesar Chavez's Birthday Becomes Minor Holiday for County Employees

5-19-15 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Statement on the Future of O'Donnell Park

4-15-15 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic to Hold South Shore Park Meeting Tonight at 6 p.m. at South Shore Park Pavilion

4-1-15 Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Calls for County Travel Ban to Indiana

3-31-15 Sups. Romo West & Dimitrijevic to Sponsor Cesar Chavez Minor Holiday Resolution; Chavez Action Day at 3:30 p.m. Today at Kosciuszko Park

3-30-15 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Invites Public to a Discussion on the Future of South Shore Park on April 15

3-27-15 Dimitrijevic Announces GO Passes Available Starting March 31

3-24-25 Fresh Discussions to Begin on the Future of Downtown Lakefront and O'Donnell Park

3-23-15 Sups. Dimitrijevic, Jursik and Lipscomb to Ride New Bus Routes Today; Media Availabilities

3-4-15 Supervisors Announce New Bus Service to Suburban Job Centers

3-2-15 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic to Address Sustainability Summit March 5 at 8:30 a.m.

2-25-15 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic to Hold Listening Session During Pulaski Indoor Pool "Dollar Days"



12-16-14 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Announces $200,000 Workforce Development Funding for Couture, Streetcar

11-19-14 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic, Supervisor Romo West, Supervisor Mayo, Sr. to Hold Media Availability on Budget Vetoes, Homeless Shelter Funding at 11:30 Today at Guest House

10-29-14 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Announces Seniors and Persons with Disabilities to Ride the Bus Free

10-27-14 Sup. Broderick and Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Announce Amendment to Fund Parks Deferred Maintenance, Reverse Cuts to Cultural Institutions

10-6-14 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Says SCOTUS Ruling Clears Way for Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

10-2-14 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic and Sup. Haas to Hold Town Hall Meeting October 20

9-22-14 County Board to Hold Annual Budget Hearing Nov. 3 at Milwaukee Art Museum

8-27-14 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Thanks MillerCoors For Donation to South Shore

7-30-14 Dimitrijevic and Rainey Applaud Passage of Minimum Wage Referendum Measure

7-10-14 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Statement on O'Donnell Parking Structure Idea

6-6-14 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Celebrates Marriage Equality Ruling

4-24-14 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Praises Passage of Non-Discrimination Resolution

4-23-14 Statement of Board Chairwoman Dimitrijevic on the Retirement of County Treasure Dan Diliberti

4-2-14 Statement of Chairwoman Dimitrijevic on the April 1 Referendum

3-26-14 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic to Hold Coffee & Culture Session March 28

3-5-14 Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic to Hold "Coffee & Culture" Session March 14

3-5-14 Supervisors Call for New Transit RFP

2-10-14 Dimitrijevic Praises County Board on Solar Energy Resolution

1-15-14 County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic Proposes First Steps to New Solar Power Project



11-12-13 Milwaukee County Board Passes 2014 Budget

10-28-13 Major Announcement About Milwaukee County Indoor Pools

10-9-13 Neighborhood Meeting to Help Protect Pulaski Pool

10-2-13 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Announces District Town Hall Meetings to Discuss 2014 County Budget

9-25-13 Compromise Reached For Spending on Milwaukee County Readiness for Affordable Healthcare Act 9-17-13 County Board Celebrates Signing of War Memorial/Art Museum Agreement

9-10-13 Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic and Supervisor Jason Haas Invite Milwaukee County Neighbors to Bay View Bash on Sept. 21

7-30-13 Bay View Dog Park Groundbreaking

7-30-13 Dimitrijevic to Take Part in Conference Call on Medicaid

7-25-13 Milwaukee County Board Approves War Memorial/Art Museum Agreement

7-12-13 Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Joins Hours Against Hate Campaign

7-9-13 County Board Meetings Will Be In Alternate Locations Wednesday

7-9-13 County Board will Continue with scheduled meetings following Courthouse fire

5-31-13 Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic on the Signing of AB 85

5-30-13 Statement of Milwaukee Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic and Parks Committee Chairwoman Gerry Broderick

5-14-13 Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic Statement on Senate Passage of AB 85

4-29-13 Statement of County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic on Calls for Her Resignation as Chair

4-26-13 Statement of Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic 

4-17-13 Statement of Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic on AB 85

4-10-13 Milwaukee State Legislators, Community Leaders, Supervisors Speak Out Against AB 85, Which Would Limit Effective Board Governance

4-4-13 Testimony of Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Dimitrijevic to the Joint Finance Committee

2-21-13 Chairwoman's Statement on Governor's Budget

2-15-13 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Statement on LB 1340/2

2-13-13 Chairwoman Dimitrjevic Applauds Governor Walker's Support of Family Justice Center



11-29-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Announces Seven Chat with the Chair Stops for December

11-26-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Hosts Three "Chat with the Chair" Events This Week

11-5-12 Unified County Board Approves 2013 Budget on 13-5 Vote

11-1-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Announces Four "Chat with the Chair" Events

10-29-12 An Open Letter to the Residents of Milwaukee County

10-25-12 County Board Committee Passes Fair Budget with Balance on 8-1 Vote

10-23-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Announces Appointment to Parks Advisory Commission

10-19-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic and Supervisor Broderick Develop New Funding Mechanism for Milwaukee County Parks

10-16-12 Board Holds Closed Session of Health and Human Needs Committee

10-8-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Appoints Jamie Kuhn Director of Intergovernmental Relations

10-5-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Announces Budget-Focused Town Hall Meetings

10-5-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Appointed to National Transportation Post

10-1-12 Chairwoman Praises Collaboration Between Executive and Legislative Branches for Economic Development

9-27-12 Milwaukee County Board to Hold Annual Budget Hearing at Marcus Center  (click here for map)

9-25-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic, Supervisor Romo West Observe Hispanic Heritage Month

9-24-12 County Board Statements on Public Safety Proposal

9-20-12 Milwaukee, Waukesha County Chairs Introduce County Leadership Network

9-17-12 Chairwoman Announces Two City of Milwaukee "Chat with Chair" Events

9-16-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic, Supervisor Romo West to Participate in UMOS Mexican Independence Parade

9-13-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic, Supervisor Haas Invite Neighbors to Saturday's Bay View Bash

9-12-12 Board Officially Launches "Connect with Milwaukee County"

9-11-12 Chairwoman Announces Two City of Milwaukee "Chat with Chair" Events

9-10-12 Milwaukee County Chairwoman Reflects on 7th Annual Bride's Walk

8-30-12 Seventh "Chat with the Chair" Set for Glendale

8-29-12 Sixth "Chat with the Chair set for Wauwatosa

8-27-12 Fifth "Chat with the Chair" set for Oak Creek

8-24-12 Statement from Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman on Thomas Verdict

8-16-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Reacts to Parks Director Depature

8-15-12 Board Chairwoman Dimitrijevic Statement on Primary Election Results

8-3-12 Update on Office of Community Business Development Partners

8-1-12 100 days of progress at the County Board

7-31-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic statement on loss of Sheriff's Deputy

7-27-12 County moves forward on Bay View Bus Shelter

7-23-12 Committee endorses Downtown Transit Center redevelopment

7-23-12 Fourth "Chat with the Chair" will be in Brown Deer

7-20-12 County Board Ready to Work Together on Transit Center Redevelopment

7-12-12 Statement from Chairwoman about Downtown Transit Center

7-10-12 Third Chat with the Chair will be in St. Francis

7-9-12 Close vote demonstrates outreach efforts are working

7-9-12 Transferring airport security is a lose-lose for taxpayers

7-4-12 Humboldt Park 4th of July Parade Grand Marshall

6-28-12 County taxpayers win as Board pays down debt

6-26-12 Working together to appoint a strong MATC Board

6-19-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic to celebrate Juneteenth Day

6-11-12 Coalition to honor County Board for preserving safety net services

6-13-12 Second "Chat with the Chair" will be in Fox Point

6-2-12 Celebrating 105 years of Milwaukee County Parks

5-24-12 County Board approves combining two standing committees

5-24-12 Board gives administration time to answer policy questions

5-23-12 Senior Hall of Fame induction ceremony this Friday

5-22-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic announces first "Chat with the Chair"

5-17-12 Reaching out to small businesses in Milwaukee County

5-11-12 Journal Sentinel, WisconsinEye feature Chairwoman Dimitrijevic

5-4-12 County land pushes Park East redevelopment forward

5-4-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic to speak at 9th Annual MATC Green Vehicles Workshop

4-25-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic announces leadership team

4-25-12 First official bilingual staffer designated at County Board

4-20-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic launches Facebook and Twitter pages

4-18-12 Chairwoman Dimitrijevic appoints County Board Chief of Staff

3-21-12 Supervisor Dimitrijevic appointed to Equality Wisconsin Board of Directors

3-15-12 Parks infrastructure needs should not be delayed

2-23-12 Dimitrijevic to testify in Madison on lifting the Family Care cap

2-19-12 10th Annual Bay View Winter Blast at South Shore Park

2-9-12 Supervisor Dimitrijevic Testimony on Family Care

2-8-12 Supervisor Dimitrijevic to host special Town Hall meeting Wednesday

2-1-12 Join Supervisors for a ride on a new MCTS route

1-30-12 Supervisor Dimitrijevic helps launch three new express bus routes

1-27-12 Lift the Family Care cap and hold public hearings now

1-9-12 Supervisors to receive leadership award from Fair Wisconsin



11-14-11 Sup. Dimitrijevic to share success of Green Print at Sustainability Academy

11-9-11 Sup. Dimitrijevic Named "Best Supervisor" by Shepherd Express

11-7-11 County Board Approves Sup. Dimitrijevic's Wellness Plan to Reduce Employee Health Care Cost

11-2-11 Sup. Dimitrijevic thanks County Executive Abele for making sustainability a priority

10-27-11 Sups. Romo West, Dimitrijevic congratulate Voces de la Frontera on 10-year anniversary

10-26-11 Budget Amendment increases public access in County government

10-26-11 Sup. Dimitrijevic introduces wellness plan aimed at reducing employee health care costs

10-26-11 Green Print continues to save big green for Milwaukee County

10-24-11 Supervisors to host information meeting on proposed express bus service

10-12-11 Sup. Dimitrijevic sees increase in citizen participation on 2012 County Budget

10-3-11 Supervisors to host joint Town Hall meetings on 2012 County Budget

9-29-11 Board votes to fund artistic bus shelter in Bay View

9-18-11 Supervisor to march in Mexican Independence Day Parade

9-21-11 Sups. Dimitrijevic, Biddle to receive special recognition from Equality Wisconsin

9-17-11 Supervisors Dimitrijevic, Haas invite neighbors to 8th Annual Bay View Bash

9-14-11 Sup. Dimitrijevic reaches milestone with 125th Town Hall meeting

9-9-11 Mental Health Redesign moves forward to County Board

8-27-11 Superisors invite neighbors to Asian Fest 2011

8-9-11 Roadmap for improving mental health care moves forward

7-28-11 County Board approves private-sector domestic partnership benefit model for County workforce

7-28-11 Clarke Square National Night Out event

7-21-11 Finance & Audit Committee approves private-sector domestic partnership benefit model for County workforce

7-19-11 2nd voting-age Hispanic majority district created on County Board

7-14-11 62nd Annual South Shore Frolics this weekend in Bay View

7-7-11 Sups Push for Private-Sector Domestic Partnership Benefit Model for County Workforce

6-29-11 Silver City Townhomes Grand Opening

6-1-11 County Legislation is now just a "CLIC" away

5-27-11 County Board to Launch public access to Legistar

5-25-11 Supervisors to participate in first-ever "Girls' Day at City Hall"

5-9-11 Supervisors update residents on energy success of "Green Print"

5-9-11 "Green Print" continues to deliver savings for taxpayers

4-28-11 Supervisor Dimitrijevic to Speak at 8th Annual MATC Green Vehicles Workshop

4-11-11 "Save OUR Ride" with Supervisors at Joint Finance Committee hearing

4-5-11 Silver City Townhomes win MANDI award

3-16-11 South Shore Forum for Economic Development

3-11-11 Supervisor Dimitrijevic named to Salvation Army Advisory Board

3-8-11 Women's History Month at the Milwaukee County Board

2-21-11 From the County to the State: Governor Walker continues unfair treatment of workers

2-20-11 9th Annual Bay View Winter Blast at South Shore Park

2-9-11 Sup. Dimitrijevic participates in Marquette University class

2-3-11 Supervisor Dimitrijevic pleased with snow cleanup efforts



12-22-10 Sup Dimitrijevic renews her call for full-time Sustainability Director

11-16-10 Contingency fund crucial to preserving County services in 2011

11-16-10 Veto of South Shore Beach study is a slap in the face to Bay View

10-26-10 "Green Print" saves $800,000 in electricity, 100 million galls of water per year

10-20-10 Sups. Dimitrijevic, Larson to host Listening Session on 2011 County Budget

10-15-10 The truth about Scott Walker's Transit Budget

9-18-10 Sup. Dimitrijevic, Larson invite neighbors to 7th annual Bay View Bash!

8-27-10 Milwaukee County to construct new Mental Health Complex

8-2-10 Warnimont Dog Exercise Area opens August 6

7-29-10 Unanimous vote to provide campaign finance reports online

7-26-10 It's time to call back the laid off airport workers

7-14-10 More information needed on no-bid contract

7-13-10 State announces plans to inspect, repair Hoan Bridge

7-7-10 Supervisors continue to push to provide more open government

6-22-10 Sup. Dimitrijevic appointed to Research Park Board

6-11-10 County Supervisors bike, bus to work Friday morning

6-1-10 Public invited to open house on new aquatic feature proposed for Pulaski and Noyes indoor pools

5-27-10 Privatizing inmate transportion threatens public safety

5-10-10 Green Print continues to deliver savings for taxpayers

5-7-10 County Supervisors celebrate 150 years of mass transit

4-23-10 Supervisor Dimitrijevic to speak at 7th annual Green Vehicles Workshop

4-22-10 County Board approves funding for Silver City Townhomes

4-20-10 Supervisor Dimitrijevic announces 2010 Senior Statesman program

3-18-10 County Board endorses 10-year plan to end homelessness

3-18-10 Sunshine Week: County Board approves online legislative access

3-17-10 Explore transitioning County pension plan into State system

2-17-10 Bay View Winter Blast at South Shore Park

2-4-10 County Board approves $375,000 to support quality, affordable housing for individuals with mental illness

2-4-10 Milwaukee County's Green Print delivers again on energy efficiency



11-11-09 Sup. Dimitrijevic named "Best Supervisor" by the Shepherd Express

11-5-09 Town Hall meeting on 2010 County Budget

11-4-09 County should adminster employee benefits equally

11-4-09 Budget Amendment provides full-time Sustainability Director

11-3-09 It's time to sink lakefront parking meters

10-5-09 Supervisor Dimitrijevic condemns violent actions at CRG rally

10-5-09 Supervisors develop innovative plan to provide more aquatic options at a lower cost

9-30-09 Supervisor Dimitrijevic named Eleanor Roosevelt Honoree

9-24-09 Hundreds attend Bay View town hall meeting on Hoan Bridge

9-24-09 County Board Special Needs Housing

9-24-09 County Board calls for long-term of Hoan Bridge

9-21-09 Bay View Town Hall Meeting on Hoan Bridge

9-19-09 Supervisors Dimitrijevic and Larson invite neighbors to Bay View Bash!

9-1-09 Recycling receptables at County Courthouse are "just for show"

8-21-09 Sup. Dimitrijevic on hand as south side revitalization continues

8-3-09 Coalition to Save the Hoan" formed to preserve vital economic link

7-10-09 60th Annual South Shore Frolics this weekend in Bay View

6-18-09 County Executive reverses pool closings moments before public rally

6-12-09 County Executive leaves swimmers upstream

5-21-09 County Board approves bus route extension to Lake Express ferry terminal

4-27-09 Supervisor Dimitrijevic to lead Project T.E.A.M. at County Board

4-24-09 Sups. Dimitrijevic, Larson to speak at Green Vehicles Workshop

3-23-09 Sup. Dimitrijevic updates residents on energy success of "Green Print"



11-12-08 Sup. Dimitrijevic named "Best Supervisor" by Shepherd Express

11-3-08 South Shore Park Pavilion named Milwaukee County landmark

10-28-08 County Executive fails to enact key Green Print provision 

6-25-08 Sup. Dimitrijevic to honor South Shore Frolics parade sponsor

6-10-08 Sup. Dimitrijevic keynote speech at Lincoln Elementary graduation

4-4-08 Sup. Dimitrijevic to speak at MATC Green Vehicles Workshop

2-4-08 Supervisor Dimitrijevic's Green Print legislation selected as MANDI Award Finalist



12-14-07 Support for Great Lakes Compact gains momentum at County Board

11-13-07 County Executive's vetoes are puzzling; County Board to put the pieces back together

10-25-07 Supervisor Dimitrijevic thanks Finance Committee for keeping Paratransit services affordable for the disabled

9-13-07 "Green Print" becomes law in Milwaukee County

9-12-07 Bay View Bash this Saturday 

9-11-07 Supervisor Dimitrijevic appointed Chair of Intergovernmental Relations Committee

8-07-07 Clarke Square National Night Out event Thursday

8-06-07 Dimitrijevic: Statement on this morning's ride on bus route route slated for cutbacks

8-02-07 Supervisor to join neighbors on bus route slated for cutbacks 

7-26-07 Green Print Adopted by County Board

7-19-07 Supervisor Dimitrijevic announces Ninth Annual Milwaukee County Senior Statesman Program

7-18-07 Pulaski Indoor Pool temporarily closes for roof repairs

7-10-07 Supervisor Dimitrijevic applauds Parks, Energy & Environment Committee's unanimous decision to support Green Print

5-30-07 Supervisor Dimitrijevic invites Milwaukee County residents to free concerts at South Shore and Pulaski Parks

3-30-07 Supervisor Dimitrijevic to speak at 4th Annual MATC Green Vehicles Workshop

3-15-07 Supervisor Dimitrijevic closes in on 30th Town Hall Meeting

2-16-07 City, County Officials Break Bread

2-13-07 Milwaukee County's "Green Print" Unveiled

1-24-07 County Board Takes Lead in Improving Housing for People with Mental Illness



6-21-06 Supervisor Dimitrijevic Announces Grand Opening of the New South Shore Bike Trail

5-30-06 Statement from Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic on Shootings in South Shore Park  

3-07-06 Airport Takeover Plan Won't Fly

2-07-06 Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic announces The Real State of Milwaukee County--Selling off our Park System is not the answer

01-12-06 Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic named to national steering committee of network of progressive young elected officials



11-16-05 Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic Announces Funding for the Repair of the South Shore Break Wall

10-19-05 Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic to Participate in Wisconsin Women = Prosperity Event in Milwaukee

10-13-05 Supervisor Dimitrijevic Announces Sneak Preview of New South Shore Bike Trail

3-14-05 Walker, Supervisor Dimitrijevic to Break Ground for New South Shore Bike Path



11-09-04 Milwaukee County Board Takes Leadership Role on Park East Lands

10-19-04 Supervisor Dimitrijevic to Hold Listening Session

7-07-04 Supervisor Dimitrijevic to Hold Listening Sessions





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