Press Releases



7-30-14 Dimitrijevic and Rainey Applaud Passage of Minimum Wage Referendum Measure

6-25-14 Sup. Rainey to Hold 9 a.m. Thursday News Conference on Minimum Wage Referendum

6-12-14 Sup. Rainey Resolution Calls for County Referendum on Minimum Wage

5-27-14 Sup. Rainey Issues Open Letter to Gubernatorial Candidates

5-27-14 Sup. Rainey's Open Letter to Gubernatorial Candidates

4-24-14 Sup. Rainey Praises Board Passage of Voter Registration Resolution

4-17-14 Supervisor Rainey Urges Passage of Voter Registration Resolution

4-9-14 Supervisor Rainey to Introduce "Voter Registration Plan" for Social Services

3-11-14 Rainey Opposes Bill Limiting Voting Hours

3-6-14 Rainey Critical of Jail Visitation System

2-14-14 Supervisors Bowen, Rainey, Criticize Abele's Veto of Living Wage

2-7-14 Rainey on Minority Impact Statement Ordinance Passage

1-27-14 Rainey Critical of Bill to Allow MPD to Investigate Itself in Prisoner Deaths

1-23-14 Supervisor Rainey Proposes Minority Impact Statements for County Contracts

1-20-14 Supervisor Rainey Calls for Major County Holiday for Martin Luther King Day

1-17-14 Statement of Milwaukee County Supervisors Khalif Rainey and Russell Stamper II on the Killing of Corey Stingley



10-29-13 Supervisor Rainey Gets Approval for County Parks Wi-Fi Campaign

10-10-13 Supervisors Rainey and Stamper Issue Statement on Co-Sleeping

9-18-13  Supervisor Rainey encourages constituents to make use of the Mobile Legal Clinic

6-20-13 Supervisors Bowen, Rainey and Stamper Statement on Dismissal of Corporate Counsel


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