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11-2-17 County Board Declines Accountability Vote on Wheel Tax

9-20-17 Supervisor Alexander Measure Declares October as Bullying Prevention Month

9-18-17 Supervisor Alexander Proposes a Sunset Rule for the County's Wheel Tax

8-16-17 Supervisor Alexander to Attend Opening of Memory Café

6-6-17 Hasty Action by Supervisors Pushes Valuable Leader Out the Door

5-25-17 Rescinding Raises While Blaming Workers Will Hurt Milwaukee County
1-25-17 POTUS Opposition Resolution is Divisive and Wasteful



12-15-16 Jail Deaths Bring Empty Promises and Political Witch Hunt

10-3-16 2017 Budget Talk Cut Short – Misses the Mark on Respect for Taxpayers

7-13-16 County to Lose $4 Million on GO Pass - Supervisor Alexander Supports Immediate Fix to Flawed Program



12-17-15 Board Makes the Right Decision to Not Fund John Doe II Appeal

12-17-15 Board Seeks to Deter Youth Placements from Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake Schools

12-9-15 Sup. Alexander: County Panel Ignores Election Day Concerns Over Community ID Cards

11-4-15 Sup. Alexander: County Panel Refuses to Label Community ID Cards

10-29-15 Sup. Alexander Schedules Fall Town Hall Meetings; First Meeting 6 p.m. Tonight at Noyes Pool

10-22-15 Sup. Alexander: Taxpayers Lose Nearly $10,000 to County Supervisor's Legal Bills

10-20-15 Sup. Alexander to Hold Town Hall Meetings Oct. 29 and Oct. 31; Coffee and Conversation Nov. 6

9-29-15 Sup. Alexander: County Board Knew About the Looming Transit Shortfall

9-18-15 Sup. Alexander - Committee Opposes Opportunities for MPS Students in Need

7-15-15 Sup. Alexander: Board Ignores Alerts on Underpaid Employees

7-15-15 Sup. Alexander: Board Invoices Taxpayers for Living Wage Ordinance

7-15-15 Sup. Alexander: Finance Committee Quietly Plans Meeting: Giving Raises Despite Pension Emergency

7-1-15 Sup. Alexander Says ATU Strike Puts Public Safety and Low Income Workers at Risk

6-25-15 Sup. Alexander: County Board Heeds Sheriff's Call for Help

5-6-15 Sup. Alexander: Proposal to Lift Taxicab Permit Caps Approved by Committee

4-22-15 Sup. Alexander: Shooting Data Exists, but is Illegal to Share

3-26-15 Sup. Alexander: O'Donnell Talks Nothing but Talk

3-26-15 Sup. Alexander: Board Pushes Seniors on the Bus; Kicks Financial Warnings to the Curb

3-12-15 Sup. Alexander: Taxicab Permit Lottery Ordinance Will Hurt Small Businesses

3-11-15 Sup. Alexander Discovers Important County Transit File Was Deleted

2-18-15 Sup. Alexander Statement on Pension Veto Vote

2-5-15 Sup. Alexander Statement on County Pension Buy-In/Buy-Back

2-3-15 Sup. Alexander Supports Ald. Donovan Transit Alternative

1-13-15 Sup. Alexander Critical of O'Donnell Task Force Proposal



11-6-14 Sup. Alexander: Board Rightly Postpones Discussions on Tax for Basketball Arena

10-13-14 Sup. Alexander to Hold Town Halls on Oct. 30 and Nov. 1

9-26-14 Supervisor Alexander Shines Light on Reasons for Audit

9-25-14 Sups. Alexander and Borkowski Critical of "SEIU-Driven Payback Audit"

8-13-14 Sup. Alexander to Take "A Stand for Liberty" at SEIU Rally Thursday

7-22-14 Sup. Alexander Announces Wednesday Presentation on Informed Consent for Emergency Response Studies

7-11-14 Sup. Alexander Expresses Support for O'Donnell Parking Structure Sale

6-12-14 Sup. Alexander to Attend Ribbon-Cutting for New Milwaukee School on Friday

6-6-14 Sup. Deanna Alexander Named to Child Welfare Partnership Council

5-21-14 Sup. Alexander to Hold 12:30 News Conference Today

5-12-14 Supervisor Alexander Urges Public to Learn About 'Citizens United' Before Referendum

4-25-14 Sup. Alexander Stands Firm on "Bathroom Bill" Compromise

4-2-14 Supervisor Alexander Statement on April 1 Referendum Results

3-31-14 Alexander Says Opponents of County Board Reform Fail to Deliver

3-10-14 Supervisor Deanna Alexander and Supervisor Mark Borkowski Urge Streetcar Opponents Not to Give Up

3-3-14  Supervisor Deanna Alexander Speaks in Support of Bill Preempting Living Wage Ordinance

2-21-14 Supervisor Deanna Alexander Calls for Reallocation of Streetcar Funds

2-6-14 Supervisor Deanna Alexander Votes Against Living Wage Resolution

1-30-14 Supervisor Alexander Issues Statement on "Living Wage"Ordinance



12-16-13 Minimum Wage Ordinance is Inconsistent and Unfair

11-4-13 Supervisor Alexander Voices Support for Lindsay Park

10-10-13 Supervisor Alexander Announces Town Hall Meeting

6-13-13 Committee Tailors Rules to Target Sheriff

4-30-13 Call for new leadership: Chairman Cullen

4-29-13 Leadship critique: Vice Chairwoman Romo West

4-29-13 Call for new leadership: Chairwoman Dimitrijevic

4-25-13 Local Reform Initiative is Misguided

4-19-13 State Must Move Forward on County Reform

3-21-13 Resizing the County Board

3-20-13 Last Night's Town Hall Meting on Government Reform

2-15-13 County Supervisor Supports Reform Bill

2-13-13 Supervisor Condemns Meddling that Caused Resignation

2-8-13 Audit Plan Has Major Flaws

2-6-13 Supervisor Alexander Calls for Audit of County Board 

Alexander Memo and Resolution

1-22-13 Joint press release from Sup. Alexander and Ald. Bohl: A conversation about changing local government

1-14-13 Supervisor Alexander Host Event on Government Reform

1-10-13 Supervisor Alexander Weighs-In on Government Reform



12-20-12 Supervisor Alexander Praises Colleagues for Saving Taxpayers Millions

11-15-12 Supervisor Alexander Joins in Celebration in Support of Adoption

10-23-12 Supervisor Alexander Seeks Peace between War Memorial and Art Museum

9-27-12 Supervisor Alexander Appointed as Chair of EMS Council

9-25-12 Supervisor Alexander Challenges Public Safety Proposal

9-21-12 Supervisors Lipscomb, Alexander Hail Progress of "Cap the Backdrop"

9-12-12 Supervisor Alexander Announces Third Town Hall Meeting

9-11-12 Supervisor Alexander Announces Second Round of Mobile Office Hours

7-13-12 Supervisor Alexander, Dist. 18, Hosts Town Hall Tonight at Lindsay Park

6-28-12 Supervisor Alexander Announces First-Ever Mobile Office Hours

6-26-12 Supervisor Alexander to hold 2nd public listening session

6-18-12 Supervisors to participate in Feed the Kids kickoff event 

5-18-12 Supervisor Alexander to hold Public Listening Session



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