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The Milwaukee County Board is the legislative branch of Milwaukee County government, co-equal with the Executive branch.  The Board's power to determine policy and direct county government comes from its state vested authority to adopt resolutions and ordinances.


The Board is composed of 18 legislative representatives, elected to four-year terms (two-year terms beginning in April 2016) on a spring nonpartisan ballot. (Click here to see a multi-page PDF of the district maps).  Each supervisor represents about 52,000 people.  The below map shows the boundaries of the 18th Supervisory District, located on in the far northwest corner of Milwaukee County, and adjacent to Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee Counties.



At the beginning of each term, the County Board elects one of its members to serve as chairperson.  The chair presides over Board meetings, makes assignments to the standing committees and special subcommittees and handles the department's daily business.


At regular meetings of the County Board, supervisors consider various ordinances and resolutions affecting county government.  Much of the work is conducted through the Board's seven standing committees.  At this level, committee members hear testimony supervisors  proposing legislation, reports from departments and outside agencies or the public.  Meetings are open and the public is welcome to attend.  


One of the major responsibilities of the Board is to adopt the annual county budget.  By October 1 of each year, the County Executive presents his recommended budget to the Board.  The Finance, Personnel & Audit Committee spends about six weeks deliberating and recommending changes to the Executive Budget.  At its annual meeting in mid-November, the full County Board adopts the next year's budget. 



Milwaukee County has an annual budget of over $1.3 Billion, providing services to about a million residents and many travelers and visiters.  Click here for more information about the budget.   



Milwaukee County Courthouse

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