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5-10-18 Public Hearing on Proposed Marijuana Referendum Set for Thursday

5-3-18 Supervisor Weishan Proposing Marijuana Referendum for November Ballot



8-14-17 Milwaukee County Supervisors Condemn Terrorist Attack in Charlottesville

5-25-17 County Supervisors Urge Protection of Sanctuary Woods

5-16-17 County Supervisor John Weishan Releases Town Hall Schedule

3-30-17 Milwaukee County to Seek State Funding of Sheriff's Department
3-28-17 Community Restoration Centers Will Address Racial Disparities



9-22-16 County Board Supports Lead Abatement Financial Assistance Program



12-16-15 Supervisors Weishan, Jursik, Introduce Resolution Supporting “John Doe II”

12-11-15 Supervisor Weishan Criticizes County Executive Chris Abele Over Sheriff’s Department Defunding

11-24-15 Letter of Thanks From Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr.

11-20-15 Sups. Weishan, Haas Blast Abele Over Sex Offender Placement on South Side

11-17-15 Sup. Weishan Calls Out County Executive for "Personal Vendetta" Against Sheriff Clarke

9-18-15 County Board Committee Passes Resolution Opposing MPS Takeover by County Executive

9-16-15 Sup. Weishan Says Employment, Environmental Standards Will Benefit Community in Development Agreements

7-1-15 Sup. Weishan Says Abele Rides in Comfort While Average Citizens Wait for the Bus

6-30-15 Sup. Weishan Critical of County Executive's "Bad Debt" Plan to Fund Downtown Arena

6-8-15 Sup. Weishan Calls County Arena Funding Plan "Unworkable"

4-7-15 Sup. Weishan Says Lifting Taxicab Cap is Good for Free Market

2-19-15 Sup. Weishan: Why the Small Vision for Milwaukee?

1-21-15 Sup. Weishan Says Committee Approval of Airport Taxicab Measure is "A Positive First Step"



11-6-14 Sup. Weishan Disappointed by County Board's Rejection of Arena Resolution

9-17-14 Sup. Weishan Warns Against Decreasing Inpatient Beds at BHD

7-30-14 Sup. Weishan Pushes Ahead with Arena Resolutions

6-13-14 Weishan Disappointed Committee Does Not Consider Arena Referendum

5-23-14 Sup. Weishan Demands Release of Unedited John Doe Records

5-16-14 Weishan Calls on Abele for Solution to Pension Issue

4-10-14 Supervisor Weishan Praises Judiciary Committee for Approval of Arena Referendum

2-28-14 Supervisor Weishan Calls for Advisory Referendum on New Arena

2-11-14 Supervisor Weishan: Mental Health Bill Does Nothing for Patients



9-11-13 Taxicab Resolution Release

4-26-13 Supervisor Weishan to Hold Town Hall Meeting



11-14-12 Supervisor Weishan Statement on MATC Negotiations

11-3-12 Supervisor Weishan Announces Three, Budget-Focused Town Hall Meetings

8-17-12 Supervisor Weishan Receives Open Records Request from Sheriff Clarke's Office
               Open Records request

8-13-12 Supervisor Weishan Criticizes Sheriff Clarke for Misuse of Resources, Partisan Politics

7-6-12 Supervisor Weishan Kicks-off Summer Concert Series

5-17-12 Supervisors support equitable agreement for War Memorial Center and Milwaukee Art Museum

3-14-12 Indian Council of the elderly "Red Solo Cup" event this Friday



10-25-11 County Executive denies public input on MMSD sewer project

9-29-11 County Board approves Supervisor Weishan's call for referendum on MMSD sewer project in Franklin

9-13-11 Supervisors question Abele's decision to cut paramedic funding

7-22-11 Sup. Weishan urges MMSD to focus on residential flood reduction rather than developing farmland

7-7-11 Sups Push for Private-Sector Domestic Partnership Benefit Model for County Workforce

2-21-11 From the County to the State: Governor Walker continues unfair treatment of workers

2-12-11 Sup. Weishan to host two town hall meetings in February



11-10-10 2011 County Board: Déjà Vu at the County Board

10-25-10 Walker catches up on independent investigation

10-5-10 County Executive should disclose key employee's work history

7-29-10 Airport regains staff necessary to continue economic expansion

7-26-10 It's time to call back the laid off airport workers

7-14-10 More information needed on no-bid contract

5-14-10 County Executive staffer campaigns on County time

4-22-10 Still no mandatory reporting at Mental Health Complex

4-22-10 County Board approves resolution on Waukesha water

4-7-10 Keep wastewater treatment discharge out of local waterways

3-17-10 Explore transitioning County pension plan into State system

3-4-10 Taking the bait

2-25-10 Statement from Supervisor Weishan and Larson on additional furlough days

2-4-10 Milwaukee County's Green Print delivers again on energy efficiency



11-3-09 County Executive claims layoffs were political bluff

9-24-09 County Executive embraces use of stimulus funds in 2010 County Budget

6-18-09 Statement on State Senate action for Milwaukee County

6-12-09 County Executive leaves swimmers upstream

5-20-09 Sup. Weishan statement on pension payment from Mercer, Inc.

3-11-09 Pension Obligation Bonds too risky for County taxpayers

2-17-09 Supervisor Weishan statement on State of the County

2-3-09 Sup. Weishan statement on economic support programs

1-13-09 The Hypocrisy of Scott Walker and the Federal Stimulus Proposal



6-12-08 Sups. outraged over reappointment of House of Corrections Superintendent



12-14-07 Support for Great Lakes Compact gains momentum at County Board

11-13-07 County Executive's vetoes are puzzling; County Board to put the pieces back together

9-26-07 County Executive ignores advisory referendum debate

9-24-07 County Board Committee endorses Healthy Wisconsin plan

8-28-07 Statement on County Executive veto of Referendum

7-26-07 Tax Shift plan endorsed by County Board

7-24-07 Statement on Common Council Sex Offender Ordinance

7-10-07 County Board Actions Kept Pools Open

3-28-07 Walker Should Replace Economic Development Director

 ( View Supervisor Weishan's letter )

3-01-07 Weishan blasts Walker for not signing 2007 Parks Fee Schedule




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