In the Community


Open House on Humboldt Park Beer Garden Proposal
Monday, February 10 • 5:00-7:00 p.m.
Humboldt Park Pavilion Meeting Room (3000 S. Howell Ave.)



Use the Get Around Guide on the Plan 94 website to plan your trips!
Visit and get up to date information on I-94 closures and to learn about the 35-mile reconstruction of I-94.



Changes in long-term care services for adults with disabilities in Milwaukee County

Click above to attend a session to learn about these changes.  No cost for consumers or family members.



Community Donations Needed for Computer Recycling

IndependenceFirst has a computer recycling department staffed mainly by volunteers. These volunteers clean, refurbish and distribute computers to people with disabilities free of charge. Last year, they provided over 150 PCs to people with disabilities who otherwise couldn’t afford them. The recycling program depends upon the generosity of individuals and corporations for their PC supply. At this time of year, the waiting list of recipients is growing and supply is shrinking. I’m seeking your help. Please contact your IT department and ask them what they do with old PCs. Would they consider donating PCs to IndependenceFirst? Do you have a computer you'd like to upgrade or recycle (Pentium III or faster)? In addition to PCs, we welcome donations of monitors (17+ inches) and other related IT items. We can even pickup free of charge! If you or your organization would like to donate, the IndependenceFirst Computer Recycling Department can be reached at the following:

IndependenceFirst Computer Recycling Program
540 S. 1st Street, Milwaukee, WI 53204
Phone: (414) 226-8141



Community Inprovements Project Grants Available
Neighborhoods invited to apply for block prokects,
CLICK HERE to read the downloadable PDF or visit for more information.  Visit for more information.



We Energies Update: Critical Safety Measures for Flood Victims and Prepartion for Utility Reconnection
The following We Energies web-site provides both safety and re-connect information for flood victims locaed within the Milwaukee County Communitites. For more informtion please 
CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF or visit the We Energies web-site:



Milwaukee County Courthouse

901 North 9th Street, RM 201 • Milwaukee, WI 53233
Phone: 414-278-4222 • Fax: 414-223-1380