Press Releases


8-29-14 Moody Park Community Celebration

7-3-14 Supervisor Bowen Invites Public to Free Concert at Lindbergh Park

5-30-14 Sup. Bowen Urges Residents to Attend Tiefenthaler Park Call to Action 7 p.m. tonight

5-20-14 Bowen Praises Organizations for $13.5 Million Transit Lawsuit

4-24-14 Sup. Bowen Thanks Board for Passage of Birth Certificate Resolution

4-17-14 Supervisor Bowen Issues Statement on Sen. Kohl's Generosity to the Community

4-2-14 Supervisor Bowen Reaction to April 1 Referendum

3-31-14 Bowen Criticizes Referendum, Supporters

3-21-14 Bowen Thanks Rotary Club, Zilber Family Foundation for Contributions to Johnsons Park

3-20-14 Bowen Calls Passage of Living Wage Ordinance a "Major Win" for Low-Wage Workers

2-14-14 Supervisors Bowen, Rainey, Criticize Abele's Veto of Living Wage

2-11-14 Supervisor David Bowen Criticizes Living Wage Bill

2-6-14 Bowen Encourages County Executive to Sign Living Wage Ordinance

1-30-14 Bowen Praises Finance Committee for Passage of Living Wage Ordinance

1-29-14 Supervisor David F. Bowen Speaks Out on Living Wage

1-15-14 Supervisor David F. Bowen Questions Failure to Issue Charges in Corey Stingley Death



9-6-13 Supervisor Bowen to Propose Living Wage Ordinance

7-25-13 Supervisors Bowen, Stamper Statement on the Trayvon Martin Case

6-27-13 Supervisor Bown Statement on Supervisor Alexander Legal Claim

6-20-13 Supervisors Bowen, Rainey and Stamper Statement on Dismissal of Corporate Counsel

6-19-13 Milwaukee County Supervisor David Bowen Announces Support for Supervisor Patricia Jursik's Ethics Resolution

5-20-13 Sup. Bowen Resolution on BadgerCare Funding Concerns 

5-6-13 Supervisor Bowen Says Sheriff Clarke "Destabilizing" House of Correction, Applauds Board Action

5-2-13 Supervisors Bowen and Jursik Applaud Court Decision on House of Correction

4-30-13 Supervisor David Bowen Supports Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic

4-8-13 Sup. Bowen Questions Turnover in Abele Administration

4-5-13 Supervisors Bowen, Stamper to Hold "OUR Milwaukee County" Listening Session April 18

2-27-13 Supervisor Bowen expresses disappointment in the Changes to 1290 WCMS Radio

2-15-13 Supervisor Bowen, District 10 Responds to Bill LRB-1340/2

2-14-13 Bowen, Stamper Respond to Statement Issued by Supervisor Alexander



12-11-12 Supervisor Bowen Applauds Reverse Decision By Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission

12-6-12 Supervisor Bowen Calls for Major Reform of Fire & Police Commission

10-23-12 Supervisors Harris, Stamper & Bowen Announce "Tri-District" Budget Listening Session

10-19-12 Supervisor Bowen Commends Committee Approval of Reform to Medical Examiner Policy

10-11-12 Supervisor Bowen Expresses Concern, Sympathy in Brandon Johnson Case

10-5-12 Supervisor Bowen Commends Protest Against Mark Belling of 1130 WISN

9-28-12 Supervisor Bowen Joins in Call for Answers, Reform

9-27-12 Supervisor Bowen Takes a Stand for Justice

9-27-12 Supervisor Bowen Announces Three Town Hall Meetings

8-28-12 Supervisor Bowen Announces Public Meeting about Moody Park & Pool

8-16-12 Supervisor Bowen Named "Champion for Change"

8-3-12 Supervisor Bowen Invites Public to Free Concert in Johnson's Park

7-27-12 Move to Amend adopted by Milwaukee County Board

7-19-12 Supervisor Bowen Applauds Move to Improve Youth Offenders

7-16-12 Statement on Workers Rights at Palermo's Pizza

6-28-12 Supportive of veterans, but not misusing County funds

6-1-12 Supervisor Bowen backs young protestors at Family Dollar

5-25-12 Sup. Bowen hails County Board's adoption of ICE resolution

5-1-12 Supervisor Bowen invites youth to summit conference

4-19-12 New 10th District Supervisor is already hard at work



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