Are Guardianship records open to the public?

Records regarding guardianship of the estate of a minor or adult are open to the public. Records regarding guardianship of an incompetent person are closed. 

Records regarding guardianship of the person of a minor are closed and are processed through the Clerk of Circuit Court – Juvenile Division. 

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When are the annual reports for Guardians, Conservators and Trustees due?

Annual reports need to be filed no later than April 15th of each year until terminated.


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I am a co-guardian and co-trustee. Do both guardians/trustees need to file an annual report?

Only one report needs to be filed but BOTH guardians/trustees must sign it.


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What is a WATTS Review?

A court order for protective placement may be required to authorize a guardian of the person to place someone in a nursing or group home. Each year, these orders are reviewed to determine that the person resides in the least restrictive environment consistent with their needs and abilities. This yearly review is referred to as a “WATTS Review”. 


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Click here to view a two page fact sheet regarding the duties and role of a Guardian of the Estate


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