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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get my name?

The names used for our jury pool are obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation list.  This includes drivers and those with identification cards.  Milwaukee County does NOT currently use voter lists for names.

Where do I go?

Report to Room 106 of the Milwaukee County Courthouse, 901 N. 9th Street.  Please make sure that you report on time.  Regular jurors report by 9:00 am [on your first day].  Reserve jurors call the recorded message at (414) 985-6000, (414) 985-6200 or on the web site for reporting instructions.

How long will I be there?

Regular jurors are scheduled for two days of service or the length of the trial for which they may be selected.  The average trial length in Milwaukee County is 1-3 days.  Very few trials are sequestered (kept overnight) so you can expect to go home around 5:00 pm.  Every court operates on its own hours and occasionally keeps jurors past 5:00 pm.

Where do I park?

There is no FREE parking for jurors downtown.  If a juror decides to drive downtown they will be responsible for paying for their own parking expenses. Please keep in mind that there is very limited pay parking available near the Courthouse.  Click here for a map of the courthouse campus including nearby parking structures.


The Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center (Children's Court) has a large surface lot with ample parking.

What can I do for lunch?

You will receive a lunch break of at least one hour.  During that time you are welcome to leave the building if you would like.  The Milwaukee Public Museum is located one block east of the Courthouse and offers free admission to jurors over your lunch hour.  There is a cafeteria in the courthouse and a variety of restaurants within walking distance.  If you would like to bring your lunch, there are refrigerators and a microwave available for your use.

What will I do all day?


While you are here, you are available for jury selection throughout the day.  Often, people spend a lot of time waiting in the Jury Assembly.  You are welcome to bring reading materials, games or crafts to work on.  (Please keep in mind that crochet hooks and knitting needles are not allowed in the building)   We will show two movies during the day and television will be on over the lunch hour.  There are a variety of magazines available in the Jury Assembly.  There is wireless internet service in the jury assembly area and four computer terminals with internet access for your use.


How will my employer know I was there?

When your service is done, we will provide you with a juror certification letter outlining the dates you were here and how much you will be paid.  Your employer can verify your service via telephone at (414) 278-4468.

How much will I be paid?

Jurors in Milwaukee County are paid $8.00 for each half day of service and $9.00 per day for transportation.  A full day is a total of $25.00 and a half day is a total of $17.00.  Jury paychecks are issued 3 weeks from the Monday of the week when your service is complete.

How often can I serve?

In Wisconsin, jurors can be called once every four years.  Once you serve, you cannot serve again for a period of FOUR years.

Can I talk about the case?

You are not to discuss the case with your fellow jurors, family members or friends until the case is complete.

What should I wear?

Please dress as if you appearing in court on a case that is important to you.  Cut offs, tank tops and shirts with offensive writing are not appropriate.  Business casual is recommended.

Can I bring my cell phone?

You are allowed to use cell phones in the Jury Assembly but cannot use them at any time in a Courtroom or in the Jury Deliberation Rooms.

Do I have to go through a metal detector?

All people entering the building will have to pass through metal detectors.  You will not be allowed to take anything with a sharp point or blade or anything that could be considered a weapon.  Please leave these items at home - fingernail files, fingernail clippers, pocket knives, pepper sprays, metal forks or picks.  For a complete list of all the items not allowed in the courthouse complex please click here.