Mediation Services

Milwaukee County offers mediation through Family Court Mediation Services in the Office of the Family Court Commissioner for custody and placement issues in family court cases filed in Milwaukee County. Mediation allows parents to meet with a neutral third party, or mediator, to work on solutions to the issues that bring them to family court.  Mediation is reasonably priced, confidential and usually scheduled more quickly than a court date.  In many instances, parents can work with a mediator to find a solution acceptable to both of them and reduce or eliminate the need for court appearances.
The fee for mediation through Family Court Mediation Services is $100 per person.
Mediation is started by court order.  Such an order can be requested by completing the mediation request form.  (click here to see the form)
After completing the form, submit it to:


Office of Family Court Mediation Services

901 N. 9th St., Room 707

Milwaukee, WI 53233



Or submit the form by fax to: For questions and more information, call:

(414) 223-1947

(414) 278-4412


If mediation is ordered, the parties are assigned a mediator who will schedule one or more sessions with them. There is no additional charge for the additional sessions.

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