Family Intervention Support and Services

Family Intervention Support and Services (FISS)


Is your teenager out of control?

Do you want to go to court?


(414) 257-4319



The problem is, my child (age 12-17)... And I have..
  • Skips school,
  • Comes and goes as he/she pleases,
  • Curses and is disrespectful,
  • Fights and argues with everyone,
  • Is/may be sexually active,
  • Is/may be using drugs and/or alcohol,
  • Runs away,
  • Stays out all night.
  • Sought help through the church or community agencies,
  • Asked my child's school for help,
  • Talked to my child's doctor about options,
  • Checked with my HMO or insurance company to see what type of services they cover such as family or individual counseling,
  • ...and my child is still out of control!

 Download FISS Program brochure HERE (pdf).

I want to go to court, what do I need to do?

The judges require parents seeking court intervention for a child ages 12-17 be referred to the FISS Program.


Going to court is limited to those families who have gone through a FISS assessment and fully participated in the services offered by either the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare - Safety Service, or the Department of Human Services - Delinquency and Court Service.

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What is the FISS Program?

FISS stands for Family Intervention Support and Services.  A FISS assessment worker completes an assessment on the child, parents, or legal guardians and any other adult living within the child's home who is looking for help from the courts due to concerns regarding their child ages 12-17.  The FISS program refers families to the appropriate service providers to seek solutions to the problems.

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How do I contact the FISS Program?

Call (414) 273-5322 between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm, Monday through Friday, and tell them that you have been referred for a FISS assessment by the courts.

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Will this cost me anything?

No, an assessment is free.

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Where is the FISS Program located?

The FISS Program is located at the Perez-Pena LTD, 126 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee.  MAP

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When I call the FISS Program, what will happen?

The FISS Program will make an appointment with your family at Perez-Pena LTD to assess your child, you, and any other adult living within your home.  You and your child are required to participate in the assessment.

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How long will it take before they do an assessment?

An assessment should be set up within 48 hours of your call.  If that time is not convenient for your family, FISS will work around your schedule.

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After the assessment is completed, what happens next?

The FISS Program will refer your family to one of the following:

  1. Community resources and/or your insurance provider to see what services they may cover for you.
  2. Your child's assigned school to assist with the school issues.
  3. The Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare (BMCW-SS) Safety Services.
  4. The Department of Human Services Delinquency Court Services (DHSDCS).
  5. The Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare Intake (BMCW).

If community resources, your insurance provider, or your child's assigned school did not help resolve your problem, then your family will be referred to either BMCW-SS or DHSDCS by the FISS Program for services.

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What if I don't want to go to the FISS Program? I want to go to court.

You cannot go to court if your family has not been assessed by the FISS program and your family has not participated in the services offered by BMCW-SS or DHSDCS.  not calling the FISS Program is just delaying a resolution to the problems.

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After my family participates in the BMCW or MCDHS services and I still want to go to court, what do I do?

Pro se petitioners seeking court intervention after they completed services offered through BMCW or DHSDCS can only file a Request for an Order to File a CHiPS/JiPS Petition.  In order to file the Request, you must submit the following to receive a court date:

  1. Request for an Order to File a CHiPS/JiPS Petition
  2. Service Plan

These forms are available through the service agenct that the FISS Program referred you to, either BMCW or MCDHS.

In addition, BMCW or MCDHS will give you an informational brochure entitled Filing a Request for an Order to File a CHiPS or JiPS Petition.


Please read this brochure carefully as a Request may be dismissed if certain information is missing.

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If my child is under 12 and I need help, what do I do?

Call (414) 220-SAFE (7233) and tell them you have been referred by the court as your child is under 12 and you need help.

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What is a Request for an Order to File a CHiPS/JiPS Petition?

CHiPS: "Children in Need of Protection and Service."  CHiPS applies to all children 17 and under.


JiPS: "Juveniles in Need of Protection and Services."  JiPS applies to children 10-17 years old.


A Request is a legal document asking the court to order that the case by referred to the District Attorney's Office for a CHiPS or JiPS petition.

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My child is not going to school and I do not want to be fined or go to jail. If I file a CHiPS or JiPS petition, can I avoid being charged?

No.  Participating in the FISS Program will not stop the District Attorney's Office from charging you, either.  However, under certain circumstances, the District Attorney's Office might recommend that you contact the FISS Program instead of charging you.

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