Welcome to Jury Management

 Welcome to the Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court Jury Management Division.  Jury Management provides the circuit courts with jurors for trials on children's, civil, criminal, family and traffic cases. It maintains a computer system utilizing a list of eligible jurors randomly selected from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation drivers and identification card list.


Every resident of the county served by a circuit court who  is at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, and is able to understand the English language is qualified to serve as a juror in that court unless he or she is currently serving time, probation or parole for a felony.  The most important qualities of a juror are fairness and impartiality.  A juror must lay aside all bias and prejudice. A juror is the foundation of our judicial system, and his or her actions and decisions should reflect this important role.


Tens of thousands of Milwaukeeans perform jury service every year and everyone has someone in their lives who has been touched by jury service. When a person receives a jury summons it might trigger many questions: Why must I serve? How did you get my name? What do I tell my employer? Can I postpone my jury service? Will I get paid for jury service? Do I have to report for reserve jury duty? Can I complete my jury summons on line?  We hope to answer many of your questions with this web page.


For many people jury duty creates many issues about how you will be able to complete your jury service given the constraints of your very busy life.  We will do our best to assist you in the completion of your jury service.


Lori Watson Schumann is the Jury Services Coordinator. 

The Jury Management office is located in Room 106 of the courthouse. 

We appreciate your being a juror in Milwaukee County. 

Thank you very much.


John Barrett

Clerk of Circuit Court/

Director of Court Services