It was fair, I was there


 "It was fair,  I was there"



Juror Appreciation Month, October 2007



In an effort to recognize the jurors of Milwaukee County, and to encourage additional participation among the citizens of Milwaukee County, the Clerk of Circuit Court, the Chief Judge, and the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors combined to recognize and acknowledge the efforts put forth by the jurors of Milwaukee County.  The initial recognition came in the form of a Resolution by the County Board declaring October of 2007 to be Juror Appreciation Month.  They further authorized the Chief Judge of Milwaukee County to proclaim any month of subsequent years Juror Appreciation Month.


The Chief Judge and Clerk of Circuit Court held a press conference to kick off Juror Appreciation Month.  The press conference was attended by a large number of County Board members and Judges.  In addition to speeches and the reading of the County Board Resolution, we recognized several jurors who had served Milwaukee County in the previous year, along with employers who paid employees' wages during jury duty. Throughout the month of October, jurors are given the opportunity to win tickets to various County-owned or operated venues such as the zoo or museum.  The Blood Center of Wisconsin also recognized the jurors for their efforts in volunteering to give almost 2000 pints of blood while on jury service, the largest single blood drive campaign in the Milwaukee area.  During the month of October, some County Board Supervisors have spoken during juror orientation to thank jurors for accepting their civic duty and participating in jury service.


Our office designed promotional materials in honor of Juror Appreciation Month. We provided the Judges and court staff with pins which state "We Appreciate our Jurors."  Juror Appreciation Month bookmarks were created in house to commemorate their service during the month of October.  Other promotional items are not specific to Juror Appreciation Month, but carry our theme "It was fair, I was there".  Stickers with the catch phrase are being given to jurors once their service is completed.  The stickers are intended to create discussion of jury duty after an individual completes their service, similar to the stickers used in the "I Voted" campaign.  The opportunity exists to further promote jury service by having officials speak throughout the community and give the stickers to audience members.   In addition to the stickers, a large banner stating "It was fair, I was there" was professionally designed.  This banner greets Jurors as they enter the jury assembly area.  Jurors also have the option of taking home magnets or yard signs   featuring our catch phrase.  The jury badge, worn by jurors during service, was redesigned to be a sticker in red, white and blue to update our look and give a patriotic feel. 


We take pride in our ongoing efforts to make the jury duty a more pleasant experience.  The Jury area in Milwaukee County provides jurors with computer terminals and wireless internet service.  There is an auditorium where we show movies, an assembly area with tables and chairs and a quiet area reserved for those who want to read or work.   Jurors are supplied with jigsaw, sudoku, word search and crossword  puzzles, magazines and playing cards.  Other amenities include beverages, snack machine, fax machine, toaster, microwave and refrigerators. The Milwaukee Public Museum, located next door to the Courthouse, offers jurors free admission during their lunch hour and a 10% discount in their cafeteria and gift shops.


Below you will find samples of the items designed recently.


If you would like further information, please feel free to contact:


Lori Watson Schumann

Milwaukee County Jury Services Coordinator





Newly Designed Juror Sticker


The banner now hanging in Jury Management



Oval sticker, rectangular magnet, square button/pin, laminated bookmark


Yard sign