Priorities and Accomplishments

The County Executive’s vision is to make Milwaukee County a model government in the way it serves and empowers residents and strengthens our community.  The County Executive has several priorities that are moving the County toward achievement of this vision.


Growing Our Economy

Southeastern Wisconsin is the economic driver of the State of Wisconsin and Milwaukee County is the anchor of our regional economy.  The County Executive has been the driver behind several initiatives that create jobs and improve our economic health.


Improving Public Safety

County Executive Abele has consistently supported initiatives that make our communities safer.  From the courts to emergency management, the County Executive believes that best-practice, evidence-based investments in our public safety staff and infrastructure are vital to our community’s well-being.


Improving Services

A central part of Milwaukee County’s mission is to provide high-quality, responsive services to its residents.  In the last five years, the County Executive has led the way as the County has transformed the way services are provided to its customers.


Modernizing Government

Over the last five years the County Executive has made County government leaner and better.  Several initiatives continue to move County government on a path toward greater efficiency and model governance.


Saving Taxpayer Dollars

Milwaukee County taxpayers demand that we provide cost-effective services.  Every day we ask ourselves how we can deliver better services and improve operations so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same amenities that we do.

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