Milwaukee County Human Rights Commission

About the Commission

According to County Ordinance, the Milwaukee County Human Rights Commission is charged with receiving reports on all matters concerning the equal rights of all persons within the county and, after due deliberations and open hearings, advising the appropriate department or division of county government of the proper procedures for preserving the equal rights of persons as guaranteed by the law.

The commission shall further function to:

(1) Improve understanding among religious, cultural, national, ethnic and racial groups within this community.

(2) Clarify the responsibilities which all citizens have in a modern, urban environment.

(3) Foster and promote, through all media, educational, civic, cultural, fraternal and social groups, a sense of pride, understanding and brotherhood; further the appreciation of the rich heritage which is made possible by the diverse traditions, talents and backgrounds of the county's citizenry.

(4) Acquaint citizens with their legal rights, with government and private programs, and with the resources available to meet the needs of the elderly, youth, the disadvantaged, and people with disabilities. 

(5) Develop and maintain a balance sheet of human resources with this county and to recommend courses of action to preserve and improve these resources.

(6) Acquaint the citizens of this county with their property, insurance, financial and employment rights.

(7) Consider and recommend legislation and administrative regulations for consumer protection and for the maintenance of quality controls on consumer goods and services.


Members of the Commission

Jason Rae, Chair
Martha Love, Vice Chair
Danielle Bailey
Rev. Willie Brisco
Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde
Lukischa Ramos

Robert Smith


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