Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is not just a measure of happiness. It is the degree to which members are psychologically invested in the organization and motivated to contribute to its success. 


Employee engagement results in discretionary effort toward attaining organizational goals.


Milwaukee County leaders recently identified the ways engaged employees might act at work:

Driven. Proactive. Excited to come to work. Fun. Believe they make a difference. Collaborative. Willing to do whatever is necessary. Very thorough approach to job assignments. Asks if management needs anything. Has a vision or  understands the mission and embraces it. Approachable. Contagious. Shows initiative. Consistently enthusiastic.

Milwaukee County leaders think that being engaged benefits that person in the following ways:

Reduces stress level. Sets them apart. Improves health & well being. Gets the job done quickly and efficiently. More energy. Highly productive. Sense of accomplishment. Improves accountability. Gets more accomplished-continuous improvement. Efficiency in completing work tasks. Valued by management. The day goes faster.

Being engaged is advantageous to the employee’s coworkers as well…

Inspires others. Helps co-workers. Elevates the team. Builds relationships. Well-liked by co-workers. Keeps all stakeholders on same page. Motivates others. Facilitates talking to employees out of work area/less silos. Increases work morale. Makes others more willing to put in extra time & effort. Encourages higher productivity. Raises the bar.

Having engaged employees benefits Milwaukee County and the public like this…

Better customer service. Delivers a great product. Creates a positive environment. Better morale. Improved processes. Improved image of department and County. Cost effective. Greater retention of employees. Ambassador for the County. Saves taxpayers’ money.

Milwaukee County will have a culture of engagement when every employee:

  • Understands the concept of employee engagement and what drives it.
  • Understands what their responsibility is for owning their engagement.
  • Takes responsibility for driving engagement for the team members around them.



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