Action Planning



Survey Results

After the employee engagement survey closed, Modern Survey/Aon prepared data reports to show which categories scored high in employee engagement and which areas need improvement. The data reports include industry benchmarks too, which helps the County compare itself to similar organizations. In order to maintain confidentiality, the data reports show only groups, not individual, responses.  Click here to view a brief video of County Executive Chris Abele sharing a summary of the overall results. 


County leaders met in fall, 2016 to review the data reports and learn more about their role in the action planning phase. The meeting was designed to help managers understand their results and begin to prioritize areas that need improvement to help make their work area an even better place to work.



Employee Listening Circles (Focus Groups)

Prior to setting goals and action planning, the County wants to continue the “conversation” with employees that was started by the engagement survey by making listening circles, or focus groups, available. The goal of the listening circles is to allow all employees to share, in a confidential and “safe” setting, what needs to change in their work areas, as well as to suggest what action should be taken to address improvement areas. Each listening circle will be assigned a trained facilitator from the non-profit Zeidler Center, who will lead a structured discussion and then capture employees’ ideas in a written report for management.  For confidentiality, the reports will be written such that managers will not know who said what. The listening circles are strictly voluntary and the sessions will take place in January and February, 2017.



Employee Engagement SMART Goals

Using the survey results and the input from the listening circles, County management is responsible for developing action plans related to employee engagement.  These will take the form of SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound) and depending on the organization, may also result in the formation of different employee work teams.  All SMART goals should be captured on the SMART Goals Form. For organizations reporting to the County Executive, the SMART goals will be due mid-2017 (exact date to be determined). 


Employee Engagement Initiative Initiative Timeline | Employee Engagement

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