2016 Year in Review
2016 was a year of growth at Milwaukee County. We saw initiatives begun in prior years reach major milestones and completion. We launched other major projects that, over the course of the next few years, will have transformative effects on our community. Through everything, we kept a focus on building a model government that runs efficiently and effectively in service of Milwaukee County’s residents. While we are proud of all our work last year, here is a run-down of the top 10 accomplishments we want you to know about from 2016.

Employee Engagement Initiative
The goal of the County Executive’s employee engagement initiative is to make Milwaukee County an outstanding place to work, where employees are proud to say “I work for Milwaukee County!” 

SAVE Transit Plan
The SAVE Transit Plan, a cornerstone of County Executive Abele’s 2017 Proposed Budget, recognizes that our transit system must be Sustainable, Affordable, Visionary, and Efficient. The nonpartisan Public Policy Forum released an analysis of the County’s transportation infrastructure needs, which detailed significant challenges ahead as state and federal funding for transportation continues to dwindle while costs continue to rise.

Plan to End Chonic Homelessness
An ambitious new approach will end chronic homeless in Milwaukee County by 2018 through an innovative partnership, increased funding, and strategic service placement. Starting July 1st, 2016, Milwaukee County is moving from the traditional approach of providing short-term subsistence through the provision of shelter beds and towards a plan that empowers the chronically homeless by providing housing that is permanent.

Estabrook Dam
Milwaukee Metro Sewage District will be responsible for removing the Dam once it obtains the necessary DNR permits. MMSD has experience and expertise in taking on large scale projects.

Milwaukee County Human Rights Commission
According to County Ordinance, the Milwaukee County Human Rights Commission is charged with receiving reports on all matters concerning the equal rights of all persons within the county and, after due deliberations and open hearings, advising the appropriate department or division of county government of the proper procedures for preserving the equal rights of persons as guaranteed by the law.



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