Voter I.D. Information

You must have an acceptable form of photo identification to vote..

For more information on Wisconsin’s Voter ID Law visit the Bring It to the Ballot web page at:

Anyone who does not have a state ID card should take advantage of the opportunity to get one for free. The Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles has a process that allows people to obtain a free State ID card for voting purposes, even if the person does not have a birth certificate. More information is available at the Wisconsin DMV website:


To find out where to vote, view a sample ballot, or for other voter information, go to My Vote Wisconsin at:


Get a photo ID and bring it to the polls on Election Day.  Without a photo ID, you cannot vote.  A Wisconsin ID card, driver license, state ID card or driver license receipt, passport book or card, military ID, Veterans Affairs ID, tribal ID, certificate of naturalization, and some student IDs are among the acceptable forms of ID for voting purposes.


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George L. Christenson

Milwaukee County Clerk


Julietta Henry

Elections Director


Courthouse, Room G-10

901 North Ninth Street

Milwaukee, WI 53233

Phone:  414-278-4060

FAX:     414-223-1866


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Election Commissioners

Appointed by County Executive

Chris Abele

Nancy M. Penn, Chair

Rick Baas

Tim Posnanski







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