Elected Officials & Terms of Office

Yrs of Term Spring or Fall CURRENT INCUMBENT Party 2017 2018 2019 2020
 FEDERAL OFFICES                
 President / Vice President 4 Fall  Donald Trump / Mike Pence Rep       X
 U. S. Congress                             
District 1 2 Fall  Paul Ryan Rep   X   X
District 4 2 Fall  Gwen Moore Dem   X   X
District 5 2 Fall  F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. Rep   X   X
District 6 2 Fall  Tom Petri Rep   X   X
 U. S. Senator 6 Fall  Ron Johnson Rep        
 U. S. Senator 6 Fall  Tammy Baldwin Dem   X    
 Governor 4 Fall  Scott Walker Rep   X    
 Lieutenant Governor 4 Fall  Rebecca Kleefisch Rep   X    
 Attorney General 4 Fall  Brad Schimel Rep   X    
 Secretary of State 4 Fall  Doug LaFollette Dem   X    
 State Treasurer 4 Fall  Matt Adamczyk Rep   X    
 State Supt. of Public Instruction 4 Spring  Tony Evers Non X      
 State Senators                
District 3 4 Fall  Tim Carpenter Dem   X    
District 4 4 Fall  Lena Taylor Dem       X
District 5 4 Fall  Leah Vukmir Rep   X    
District 6 4 Fall  Nikiya Harris Dodd Dem       X
District 7 4 Fall  Chris Larson Dem   X    
District 8 4 Fall  Alberta Darling Rep       X
District 28 4 Fall  Mary Lazich Rep       X
 Representatives to the Assembly                
District 7 2 Fall  Daniel Riemer Dem   X   X
District 8 2 Fall  JoCasta Zamarripa Dem   X   X
District 9 2 Fall  Josh Zepnick Dem   X   X
District 10 2 Fall  David Bowen Dem   X   X
District 11 2 Fall  Mandela Barnes Dem   X   X
District 12 2 Fall  Frederick Kessler Dem   X   X
District 13 2 Fall  Rob Hutton Rep   X   X
District 14 2 Fall  Dale Kooyenga Rep   X   X
District 15 2 Fall  Joe Sanfelippo Rep   X   X
District 16 2 Fall  Leon Young Dem   X   X
District 17 2 Fall  LaTonya Johnson Dem   X   X
District 18 2 Fall  Evan Goyke Dem   X   X
District 19 2 Fall  Jonathon Brostoff Dem   X   X
District 20 2 Fall  Christine Sinicki Dem   X   X
District 21 2 Fall  Jessie Rodriguez Rep   X   X
District 22 2 Fall  Janel Brandtjen Rep   X   X
District 23 2 Fall  Jim Ott Rep   X   X
District 24 2 Fall  Daniel Knodl Rep   X   X
District 82 2 Fall  Ken Skowronski Rep   X   X
District 83 2 Fall  Dave Craig Rep   X   X
District 84 2 Fall  Mike Kuglitsch Rep   X   X
 District Attorney 4 Fall  John Chisholm Dem       X
 Supreme Court Justices                
 Chief Justice 10 Spring  Patience Roggensack Non        
 Associate Justice 10 Spring  Shirley Abrahamson Non     X  
 Associate Justice 10 Spring  Ann Walsh Bradley Non        
 Associate Justice 10 Spring  Rebecca Bradley Non        
 Associate Justice 10 Spring  Michael Gableman Non   X    
 Associate Justice 10 Spring  Daniel Kelly Non       X
 Associate Justice 10 Spring  Annette Ziegler Non X      
 Circuit Court Justices                
 Branch 5,14,25,34,37,44 6 Spring  Various Non       X
 Branch 1,9,10,13,18,19,33,35,36,47 6 Spring  Various Non X      
 Branch 4,8,17,20,23,28,38,39,43,46 6 Spring  Various Non   X    
 Branch 11,26,45 6 Spring  Various Non     X  
 Branch 7,21,24,27,31,32,40,41 6 Spring  Various Non        
 Branch 2,3,6,12,15,16,22, 29,30,42 6 Spring  Various Non        
 Court of Appeals                
District 1 6 Spring  William Brash Non   X    
6 Spring  Kitty K. Brennan Non        
6 Spring  Patricia Curley Non        
6 Spring  Joan Kessler Non       X
 County Executive 4 Spring  Chris Abele Non       X
 County Clerk 4 Fall  George L. Christenson Dem       X
 County Comptroller 4 Spring  Scott Manske Non       X
 County Treasurer 4 Fall  David Cullen Dem       X
 Register of Deeds 4 Fall  John La Fave Dem       X
 Clerk of Circuit Court 4 Fall  John Barrett Dem   X    
 County Sheriff 4 Fall  David Clarke, Jr. Dem   X    
 Committee Persons 2 Fall  Various          
 County Supervisors                
District 1 2 Spring  Theodore Lipscomb, Sr. Non   X    
District 2 2 Spring  Sequanna Taylor Non   X    
District 3 2 Spring  Sheldon Wasserman Non   X    
District 4 2 Spring  Marina Dimitrijevic Non   X    
District 5 2 Spring  Marcelia Nicholson Non   X    
District 6 2 Spring  Jim Luigi Schmitt Non   X    
District 7 2 Spring  Michael Mayo, Sr. Non   X    
District 8 2 Spring  David Sartori Non   X    
District 9 2 Spring  Steve F. Taylor Non   X    
District 10 2 Spring  Supreme Moore Omokunde Non   X    
District 11 2 Spring  Dan Sebring Non   X    
District 12 2 Spring  Peggy West Non   X    
District 13 2 Spring  Willie Johnson, Jr. Non   X    
District 14 2 Spring  Jason Haas Non   X    
District 15 2 Spring  Eddie Cullen Non   X    
District 16 2 Spring  John Weishan, Jr. Non   X    
District 17 2 Spring  Tony Staskunas Non   X    
District 18 2 Spring  Deanna Alexander Non   X    
 Mayor 4 Spring  Tom Barrett Non       X
 City Attorney 4 Spring  Grant Langley Non       X
 City Treasurer 4 Spring  Spencer Coggs Non       X
 Comptroller 4 Spring  Martin Matson Non       X
 Common Council Members                
District 1 4 Spring  Ashanti Hamilton Non       X
District 2 4 Spring  Cavalier Johnson Non       X
District 3 4 Spring  Nik Kovac Non       X
District 4 4 Spring  Robert Bauman Non       X
District 5 4 Spring  James Bohl, Jr. Non       X
District 6 4 Spring  Milele Coggs Non       X
District 7 4 Spring  Khalif Rainey Non       X
District 8 4 Spring  Robert Donovan Non       X
District 9 4 Spring  Chantia Lewis Non       X
District 10 4 Spring  Michael Murphy Non       X
District 11 4 Spring  Mark Borkowski Non       X
District 12 4 Spring  Jose' G. Perez Non       X
District 13 4 Spring  Terry Witkowski Non       X
District 14 4 Spring  Tony Zielinski Non       X
District 15 4 Spring  Russell W. Stamper, II Non       X
 Board of School Directors                
District 1 4 Spring  Mark Sain Non     X  
District 2 4 Spring  Wendell J. Harris, Sr. Non     X  
District 3 4 Spring  Michael Bonds Non     X  
District 4 4 Spring  Annie Woodward Non   X    
District 5 4 Spring  Larry Miller Non   X    
District 6 4 Spring  Tatiana Joseph Non   X    
District 7 4 Spring  Claire Zautke Non   X    
District 8 4 Spring  Carol Voss Non     X  
At-Large 4 Spring  Terrence Falk Non     X  
 Municipal Judges                
Branch 1 4 Spring  Valarie Hill Non X      
Branch 2 4 Spring  Derek Mosley Non     X  
Branch 3 4 Spring  Phil Chavez Non     X  




George L. Christenson

Milwaukee County Clerk


Julietta Henry

Elections Director


Courthouse, Room G-10

901 North Ninth Street

Milwaukee, WI 53233

Phone:  414-278-4060

FAX:       414-223-1866


Email the Election Commission





Election Commissioners

Appointed by County Executive

Chris Abele

Nancy M. Penn, Chair

Rick Baas

Tim Posnanski







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