Office of the Comptroller


Office of the Comptroller

In accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 59.255, the elected Comptroller maintains Milwaukee County’s accounting books, monitors and reports on budget versus actual fiscal results, prepares annual financial reports of the government and its agencies, and analyzes proposals for the use of County funds. The Office of the Comptroller works to ensure that fiscal decisions are made based on sound financial information.   In addition, the Office of the Comptroller provides fiscal information to policy makers to assist them in their policy directives. 
As the Chief Financial Officer the Comptroller performs the following functions:
  •  Oversees all of the County’s debt.
  • Reports monthly to the County Board and County Executive, the condition of outstanding contracts and of each of the County’s funds and the claims payable from the funds.
  • Countersigns all contracts after determining the County has the necessary funds to pay the liabilities that may be incurred under the contracts.
  • Monitors the Treasurer’s accounts monthly and reports to the County Executive and the County Board as to their correctness and any violations by the Treasurer of the Treasurer’s duty in the manner of keeping accounts or disbursing monies.
  •  Whenever requested by the County Executive and County Board, provides an independent fiscal analysis of any matter affecting the County, and provides these bodies with a fiscal note for all proposed legislation. 
  • Annually, prepares a written 5-year financial condition forecast for distribution to the County Executive and County Board.
  • Administers and oversees all shared services contracts.
  • Submits the annual pension obligation bond report to the requisite state bodies.
Conducts audits designed to evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and regulatory compliance of various County programs and operations and reports the results to policy and administrative decision-makers.
Ensures the compilation of accounting transactions and the issuance of payments due to employees and vendors are accurate and timely.




Capital Finance Division

The Capital Finance Section of Fiscal Affairs is responsible for preparing and publishing the Capital Improvements Budget. The County's Official Statements relating to debt issuance are issued by this section.


Capital Finance Manager: Pamela Bryant (414) 278-4396


Accounting Division

The Accounting section performs the County’s central accounting function including: financial analysis, fiscal reporting, and preparation for external audit; all in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles, Federal and State laws, administrative rules, County Ordinances, and grant regulations. In addition, the area prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and the Single Audit report of Federal and State awards and provides technical assistance to other departments.

Accounting Manager: Chris Fleissner (414) 278-4177



Accounts Payable Division

The Accounts Payable section is responsible for establishment of County-wide payment procedures, coordination with the Procurement Division, encumbrance of purchases, payment of vendor invoices, development and maintenance of the accounts payable systems and provision of technical assistance to departments.

Accounts Payable Manager: Susan Walker (414) 278-4194



Payroll Division

The Payroll section is responsible for establishment of County-wide payroll procedures, coordination with the Department of Human Resources, preparation of payroll checks, maintenance of all earnings and deductions records, ensuring that County payroll practices meet Federal, State and contractual requirements, filing of all required Federal and State reports on a timely basis, and the development and maintenance of the payroll system.

County employees should refer all payroll/timekeeping questions the Central Payroll Department.

Payroll Manager: Sue Drummond (414) 278-4178




Audit Services Division

The Audit Services Division is responsible for post auditing the fiscal concerns of Milwaukee County. Not only concerned with examining financial statements, Audit staff also review internal accounting and administrative controls, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, economy and efficiency of operations, and effectiveness in achieving program results. In addition, the Department monitors contracts with vendors of goods and services, reconciles the County's checking accounts, and maintains a hotline service to receive information regarding waste, fraud and abuse of Milwaukee County resources.

Director of Audits: Jerome Heer (414) 278-4206

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Office of the Comptroller Scott B. Manske

901 N. 9th Street, Room 301
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 278-3001


Michelle Nate, Deputy Comptroller
(414) 278-4183

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