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The Milwaukee County Budget is an important document that serves several purposes.  First, the budget document serves as a financial and operational blueprint that aids departmental administrators in the provision of needed services.  Second, it functions as a statement of policy developed and approved by the county's elected officials.  Finally, the budget is a source of information for the general public, enabling citizens to understand the many functions of County government and how resources are allocated.


State Statutes require that the County Executive submit the budget proposal to the County Board by October 1st.  In the months preceding this date, County departments submit budget requests to the Department of Administration Services (DAS).  Through review and analysis, the DAS Budget Section makes recommendations to the County Executive and help him prepare the County Executive's Recommended Budget.  When the Board receives the Executive Budget, the Comptroller's Research staff works with Supervisors to analyze the budget and to develop amendments that will be included when the Finance, Personnel and Audit Committee presents the budget to the full County Board.


2017 Milwaukee County Budget

2017 Budget Meeting Schedule

Updated budget information is available on CLIC.



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