County Board Standing Committees

The Board Chairperson appoints the chair and members of the seven standing committees of the Milwaukee County Board. 


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Economic and Community Development

The Economic and Community Development oversees the administration of federal, state and local housing programs in the county, including the Urban Community Development Block Grant Program.  Matters pertaining to economic development of Milwaukee County, including the best disposition of county properties, are decided by this Committee.  It also makes decisions on the Research Park and the Airport Business Park.


Finance and Audit

County budget matters, taxation and insurance are all reviewed by this Committee.  Audit reports are reviewed to ensure other county departments implement program improvements and cost-saving recommendations of the County Board. The Board's Committee on Finance and Audit leads legislative deliberations and makes recommendations on the annual County budget.


Health and Human Needs

Policies related to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Emergency Medical Services (paramedics), Family Care, and the Children's Court Center are all the responsibility of this Committee.  It also reviews polices relating to the Office for Persons with Disabilities and monitors the implementation of the Wisconsin Works program (W-2).


Intergovernmental Relations

Proposed federal, state and local legislation affecting the county is reviewed by this Committee, which also makes recommendations determining the county's policy on these matters.  On special occasions, members of the Committee appear before Congress, the State Legislature and governing bodies of other municipalities to support the County Board's policies.


Judiciary, Safety and General Services

Legal questions concerning lawsuits or claims by or against the county, claims for workers compensation, personal injuries and property damage are all considered by this Committee.  Members set policy for County Funded State Court Services, Family Court Commissioners, Jury Commission, Register in Probate, Election Commission, County Clerk, Register of Deeds, Legal Resource Center, Sheriff, Medical Examiner, Safety Commission, District Attorney, House of Correction, Department of Child Support Enforcement, Corporation Counsel and Emergency Management.


Parks, Energy and Environment

All matters concerning county parks and parkways are the responsibility of this Committee.  Members set policy for the parks department, organized recreation, cultural activities, arts, the University Extension program, and Zoo park services.  Members have jurisdiction over matters concerning the conservation of all uses of energy and make recommendations relating to conservation of air, water, energy and all other resources.


Personnel matters related to the conditions of employment of county employees, compensation, the classification and pay of additional positions, and administration of employee benefits. The committee also recommends policies affecting the department of human resources and divisions of employee benefits and labor relations.


Transportation, Public Works and Transit

The mission of the Department of Transportation, including the construction and maintenance of county highways, bridges, airports, and public structures are the responsibility of this Committee.  Members discuss all matters pertaining to the policy of mass transit and the Milwaukee County Transit System, including fares, service routes and capital improvements.  The Committee discusses all matters under its jurisdiction pertaining to railroads and public utilities in the county.


Committee of the Whole

Some matters coming before the County Board have a significant policy impact or a unique set of circumstances which overlap specific committee jurisdiction.  One example is the closing of a major county facility.  On such occasions, the Committee of the Whole will meet at the call of the County Board Chairperson.  All 18 supervisors are members of the Committee of the Whole.



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