Contract Administration

The Contract Administration section coordinates and monitors contract-related activities for all divisions of the Department of Health and Human Services, and serves as fiscal liaison between the Department and human service purchase and professional services contractors.

Contract Administration is responsible for the following:

  • prepare, coordinate and publish RFP guidelines for purchase of service, fee-for-service, and professional service contracts and agreements;
  • prepare, process and distribute purchase and professional service contracts and contract amendments;
  • develop and implement operating policies and procedures governing the content and language of DHHS contracts and fee-for-service agreements, an monitor and analyze contracts for compliance with governmental laws, rules and regulations, and County and departmental policies and procedures;
  • monitor contractor and provider compliance with governmental and contractual requirements, and departmental policies and procedures;
  • review annual certified audits of human service contracts and fee-for-service providers.  This includes:  performing compliance reviews and fiscal reviews of certified audit reports; preparing correspondence; responding to phone calls, and meeting with contract representatives and their auditors when requested;
  • direct and oversee the quality assurance planning, auditing and monitoring activities of agencies and organizations that have contractual relationships and fee-for-service agreements (on provider networks) with the DHHS;
  • develop, implement and coordinate the education, monitoring and training of DHHS personnel, contractors, providers and consumers;
  • conduct on-site fiscal and compliance audits of agencies and organizations that have contractual relationships with DHHS, and issue audit reports, recommendations and corrective actions for distribution to contractor and provider agencies and DHHS program division administrators;
  • evaluate agencies' audit responses and/or corrective action plans and communicate the outcome to contractors and providers as well as the DHHS program divisions and make recommendations regarding the status of agencies in terms of compliance, probations, etc.;
  • coordinate with federal and state funding and regulatory agencies and other DHHS representatives to establish, develop and maintain high-quality assurance standards, service descriptions, indicators, measures and outcomes for the DHHS client service purchase systems.


 Milwaukee County and DHHS Documents:

Administrative Probation Policy for Noncompliance with Contract and Fee-for-Service Requirements

Milwaukee County Ordinances: Labor Peace Ordinance - Click on Chapter 31



Audit Waiver Request Form  (Audit Year 2017)

Audit Waiver Request Form  (Audit Year 2016)



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