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I Like to Enjoy the County Parks With my Dog...Where Can I do That?
I Hate Dogs in the Parks. Where Can I go and Not Have to Deal With Them?!?


Although parks are primarily "people places" with some wildlife, the only additional animals that may be brought into the parks are pet dogs– and only in non-restricted areas.
There are rules, and the fine for having your dog in a prohibited area is $155!
"No Dogs Allowed" means just that, in all areas posted with these signs!
While service dogs are exempt from this regulation, these areas include:
  • All Beaches – including Bender, Bradford, Grant, McKinley, South Shore, and Tietjen (Doctors)
  • All Picnic Areas
  •  All Children's Play Areas
  • All Athletic Fields
While in parks, dogs must be on a strong leash, that is no longer than 6 feet and strong enough to restrain the dog. The dog must be under control at all times. The exceptions to this rule are the Granville Off-Leash Dog Park or the Runway Dog Exercise Area where the dog must be under voice control.
Cleaning up after your dog...How to be a good neighbor
When you take your dog to a park or parkway, you must bring a means for cleaning up after the dog (scooper, bag, etc.) You must pick up your dog's waste immediately, wrap it properly, and dispose of it at your home.
The fine for not cleaning up after your dog is $155!
Portions of the following parks & parkways allow leashed dogs:
Bay View, 3120 S. Lake Drive
Bender, 4503 E. Ryan Road No dogs allowed on Bender Beach
Caesar's, 1939 N. Warren Ave.
Center Street
Cudahy, 3000 E. Ramsey Ave.
Cudahy Nature Preserve, 501 E. College Ave.
Doctors, 1870 E. Fox Lane No dogs allowed on Tietjen (Doctors) Beach
Estabrook (east side of park), 4400 N. Estabrook Drive
Franklin, 10400 W. Oakwood Road
Grant, 100 E. Hawthorne Ave. No dogs allowed on Grant Beach
Hales Corners, 5765 S. New Berlin Road
Holt, 3300 S. 106 St.
Kohl, 7603 W. County Line Road
Lake, 3233 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Lincoln Creek Parkway, 46 St. to 34 St.
Lincoln Memorial Drive Parklands, N. Lake Drive to Wahl & Park Place
No dogs allowed on Bradford or McKinley beaches
Little Menomonee River Parkway, Mill Road to Silver Spring Drive
Maitland, 6001 S. 13 St.
Menomonee River Parkway, Grantosa to Concordia and Center St. to Church St.
No dogs allowed from Grantosa to Silver Spring
Milwaukee River Parkway, Good Hope to Bender sidewalk only on the east side of the street
Mitchell Boulevard, 5115 W. Bluemound Road
Pleasant Valley, 1229 E. Concordia Ave.
Rawson, 1400 E. Rawson Ave.
Root River Parkway, Lincoln Ave to Rawson Ave., Drexel to Oakwood Road, and 27 St. to Oakwood Road
Sheridan, 4800 S. Lake Dr.
Underwood Creek Parkway, Bluemound Road to Watertown Plank Road
Valley, 343 N. 42 St.
Warnimont, 5400 S. Lake Drive
West Milwaukee, 5000 W. Burnham St.
You can receive a free Dogs in the Parks brochure! To request a brochure, you may go to the County Parks website at, or call them at (414) 257-6100.
Date of Release: July 10, 2008



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