Directives / Judicial Rotation


Chief Judge Directives___________________________________________||

14-03 Mandatory Charges

14-05 Small Claims Court Representation

14-07 Petitions For Return of Property Pursuant to 968_20 Wis_ Stats

14-10 Earnings Garnishments

14-09 Misdemeanor Bench Warrants

14-12 Sealed Complaints

14-15 Work Detail Sentence Credit

14-16 Revision of Local Rules Regarding Prejudgment Paternity Proceedings

14-18 Presiding Judge of Milwaukee Municipal Court

14-19 Payment of Expert Witness Fees Chapter 980 Wis. Stats

14-21 Exhibits

14-21A (Amended)  Exhibits - Criminal Cases


13-05 Dissolution of Misdemeanor Calendar-AM

            Creation of HomicideSexual Assault Calendar-PF

13-09 Executive Committee Members

13-10 Search Warrants, Subpoenas Pursuant to §968.375 Wis. Stats

13-14 Amendment of Search Warrent and Subpoenas Pursuant to §968.375 Wis. Stats 

13-11 Regarding Copies of Judgements of Conviction

13-15 Assignment of Certain Cases to the Homicide / Sexual Assault Courts

13-18 Night Time Duty Judge


12-01 Calendar Switch

12-02 Payment of Expert Witness fees Chapter 980 Wis Stats

12-06 Assignment of Cases to the Domestic Violence Courts

12-08 Presiding Judge Assignments

12-09 Executive Committee Members

12-10A Juveniles Charged with Original Jurisdiction Offenses and

12-10A Juveniles 17 and under waived to Adult Court

12-11 Program Property and Equipment

12-13 Criminal Calendar Switch

12-16 Regarding Milwaukee County Family Court Commissioner


11-01 Affidavit-Order for Payment of Atty Fees +Attachment

11-08 Temporary Criminal Calendar Switch

11-11 Concealed Carry Weapons  


10-04 Plan to Close Family Calendar (F) 

10-05 Revision of Family Division Local Rules for the First Judicial District

10-07 Interference With Custody By Parents Or Others

10-08 Civil/Probate Calendars

10-09 OWI Sentencing Guidelines

10-14 Amendment-07-16A Re DeNovo Reviews in DV Cases

10-16 Days & Hours of Court Operations


09-12 FCC Protocol In Post-Judgment Matters

09-21 OAR/OAS Sentencing Guidelines

09-22 Appointed Counsel Reimbursements

09-24 Felony Substitutions



Judicial Rotation_______________________________________________||

14-01 Interim Judicial Rotation - Courtroom and Calendar Assignment

14-04 Commissioner Rotation 

14-06 Judicial Rotation  

14-08 Judicial Rotation - 2014 Courtroom and Calendar Assignments 

14-13 Commissioner Rotation

14-17 Judicial Rotation-Branch 37

14-20 Commissioner Rotation


13-03 Commissioner Rotation

13-04 Judicial Rotation

13-06 Firearms Surrender Protocol and Attachments

13-07 Judicial Rotation-Courtroom and Calendar Assignments

13-08 Presiding Judge Assignments

13-13 Commissioner Rotation

13-16 Commissioner Rotation

13-17 Interim Judicial Rotation Courtroom, Calendar, and Presiding Judge Assignment  


12-05 Commissioner Rotation12-07 Divisional Judicial Rotation

12-14 Adoption of Local Rule 146 - Annual Rotation

12-15 Presiding Judge of Milwaukee Municipal Court

12-17 Commissioner Rotation

12-18 Milwaukee County Family Court Commissioner

12-19 Judicial Assignment

12-12 Judicial Rotation - Courtroom and Calendar Assignments


10-02 Division Assignments




Children's Division - Amendment to Chief Judge Directive

10-17 New Judge Calendar Assignment

10-19 Courtroom & Calendar Re-Assignments




Milwaukee Housing Foreclosure Help________________________________||


13-02 Foreclosure Procedures Amendment


09-14 Foreclosure Procedures

09-14 Milwaukee Foreclosure Mediation Program



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