Northside Facility

Northside Facility



Promote individual and community wellness by creating convenient access to an array of integrated behavioral health, medical and social services through an embedded community-based center.


Community Conversations

The Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division hosted a series of community listening sessions in 2015 and again in 2016.  The purpose of the listening sessions was to engage people who utilize BHD services and their family members in the planning of the Northside Facility.  We wanted to hear directly from our customers to ensure their voice was being heard and their ideas were incorporated into the services being developed.


Summary of feedback:


  • Provide a wide range of quality services and resources
    • Psychiatry
    • Therapy
    • Substance abuse treatement
    • Trauma and abuse resources
    • Medication counseling
    • Housing resources
    • Benefits assistance
    • Family and advocacy resources
    • Interpreter services
    • Peer support services
    • Crisis mobile support for kids and adults
    • Transporation 
    • Security

  • Customer Experience
    • Create a positive, supportive experience
      • Warm, welcoming
      • Safe
      • Feel understood
      • Holistic
      • Respectful 
      • Respect diversity 
      • Equality 
      • Non-discriminatory 

  • Atmosphere
    • Provide environment of hospitality:  transportation, security, food, windows, natural light, art work, comfortable seating
      • Gathering space
      • Healing environment
  • Access
    • Create easy access to facility and services
      • 24/7 access
      • Extended hours
      • Bus lines
  • Community Collaboration
    • Collaborate with community resources to provide information and referrals
      • Community Resource Center
        • Community education
        • Prevention programming
        • Assist identifying and navigating resources
      • Advocacy services
      • Law enforcement


Programs and services that will likely be offered at the Northside Facility:

Programs and services are subject to change since we are in conceptual design, continuously incorporating best practice and stakeholder feedback, testing our ideas with other organizations and early in the site selection and financial analysis process.


Behavioral health

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Day programming
  • 24/7 Crisis services (adult/child)
  • Peer specialist support


Medical Services

  • Primary care
  • Pharmacy services
  • Medication management/consultation


Social Services

  • Housing assistance
  • Benefits assistance
  • Information/referral services to social programming (i.e. Aging and Disabilities Services Division)


Community Services

  • Café
  • Community space (for gathering, community education/programming, etc.)
  • Resource center (Advocacy agency representation)


Service Exclusions:

  • Emergency Services/Psychiatric Crisis Services (PCS)
  • Urgent Care
  • Hospital level of care
  • Detoxification Services
  • Wraparound Wellness Clinic
  • Court/Delinquency Services


What's Next 

The timeline for completion has many contingencies that include program development, program licensing, detailed facility design, financial analysis, site selection, zoning approvals, construction requirements/timelines, but here’s what we can expect to happen in the near future:

  • Naming of the facility
  • Continue stakeholder conversations to add additional perspective (advocacy groups, providers, and healthcare professionals)
  • Identify partner providers (primary care, pharmacy, etc.)
  • Identify and implement technology required to provide integrated services
  • Financial assessment
  • Site selection (Northwest Milwaukee)

Download the Northside Center overview  


Expected completion date: 2018


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