Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is a committee at the Behavioral Health Division that is not only multidisciplinary and inclusive, but it also offers a wide variety of services to assist employees, patients, and their families.


Historically, the Ethics Committee was developed to offer timely consultation in addressing ethical questions or concerns and to provide ongoing educational opportunities.  For many years, the committee was guided by the leadership of Dr. Laura Riggle in close collaboration with faculty members of the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities.


The current Ethics Committee at BHD consists of 20 employees representing a wide variety of disciplines.  The multidisciplinary nature of the committee is part of its effectiveness and includes representation by: nursing, education, spirituality, psychiatry, psychology, CARS, medical records, pharmacy, consumer affairs, day treatment, administration, and the ongoing support by MCW faculty.


In brief summary, we encourage individuals to bring situations and cases to the ethics committee for consultation.  In addition, there will be luncheon sessions forthcoming for general situations or topics; however, we would not review the details of a specific case in large group discussion.


If you have an issue that you would like the Ethics Committee to review or a suggestion about a general topic to discuss, please bring it to the attention of either Dr. Tony Thrasher or Dr. Justin Kuehl.  The committee can be of great utility in both serving a consultation role as well as providing an educational perspective. 


How to Contact the BHD Ethics Committee


1.  If needing immediate Ethics consultation (within next 12-24 hours), please contact the Behavioral Health Division immediately (257-7222 or 257-6995) and ask for either  the Administrator on Call or the Medical Director on call.


2.  For more typical (non-immediate) Ethics consultations, you may contact any of the members listed below via email for more information/consultation:

BHD Ethics Committee Membership (20)

(Updated: 3/30/18)


Member       Status          Division         Email
  Arthur R. Derse, M.D., J.D.      Ex-Officio          MCW Bioethics    email Arthur R. Derse, M.D., J.D.
  Steve Ellison      Member    Nursing – Acute          email Steve Ellison   
  Gabe Green    Member    Nursing – CAIS    email Gabe Green
  Ray Gurney      Member    Spirituality           email Ray Gurney
  Marilyn Krueger       Member    Occupational Therapy   email Marilyn Krueger
  Justin Kuehl, Psy.D.     Vice Chair   Psychology – Admin.   email Justin Kuehl, Psy.D.  
  Kevin McSorley, Psy.D.   Member   Psychology - Acute   email Kevin McSorley.Psy.D.
  Shane Moisio, M.D.    Member    Psychiatry – CAIS Admin.   email Shane Moisio, M.D.
  Cynthiane Morgenweck, M.D., M.A.     Member    MCW Bioethics    email Cynthiane Morgenweck, M.D., M.A.  
  Julie Owen, M.D.                                        Member   Psychiatry-MCW/resident   email Julie Owen, M.D.
  Angela Post      Member    Nursing – Crisis          email Angela Post  
  Linda Raciti      Member    Consumer Affairs/Peer Spc   email Linda Raciti
  Jim Santilli    (or John Rahilly)          Member    Pharmacy   email Jim Santilli (or  email John Rahilly)    
  John Schneider, M.D.      Ex-Officio       Psychiatry – Admin.   email John Schneider, M.D.
  Robert Sharpe, M.D.   Member   Psychiatry - Crisis   email Robert Sharpe, M.D.
  Ryan Spellecy, Ph.D.    Member    MCW Bioethics         email Ryan Spellecy, Ph.D.
  Tony Thrasher, D.O.       Chair       Psychiatry – Crisis Admin.    email Tony Thrasher, D.O.    
  Aiden Ward   Member   Nursing-Crisi   email Aiden Ward
  Vicki Wheaton      Member    Medical Records      email Vicki Wheaton
  Jen Wittwer, M.S.W.      Member    CARS    email Jen Wittwer, M.S.W.
  ADMIN SUPPORT:  Kris Tym     MCW Bioethics   email Kris Tym
  Diane Kramer     MCW Bioethics   email Diane Kramer








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