Administrative Manual of Operating Procedures

The Milwaukee County Administrative Manual of Operating Procedures (AMOP) contains procedures that guide the operation of Milwaukee County government, in compliance with federal, state and local law.  It is a resource for staff, our citizens, and those who work with county government.  Procedures are created by administrative departments, and approved and published by the Department of Administrative Services (DAS).



Frequently Asked Questions


What is administrative law, how is it created and why is the AMOP important?

For more information on Administrative Law and how AMOP sections are developed, please review the AMOP Overview Presentation.


How do I know when a new Procedure is being proposed? 

To review pending procedures, please use the tab to your right.  If you would like an email notification when a new pending procedure is posted, please visit  Once you have established a login and password, click “Milwaukee County Administrative Manual of Operating Procedures (AMOP)" under the “Information Updates Tab.”


How can I review existing procedures?

To review an existing procedure, please use the tabs to your right and click on the section you would like to review. 


What is the process for developing a procedure?

Only a County Department can submit a procedure for publication.  Please review the AMOP Overview Presentation, and Section 1, 1.01 for additional information.  Once you are ready to submit your proposed procedure, email the following

documents to


  1. Completed Form 1.01(a) Request for AMOP Modification.

  2. The drafted procedure using the template provided.Appendix 1.01(A) Sample Administrative Procedure.

  3. The drafted Training Presentation using the template provided.Appendix 1.01(B) Training Powerpoint Template.

The manual serves as a comprehensive reference guide to the rules by which county government operates. It is a resource for staff, our citizens, and those who work with county government.



     The procedures in this manual apply to all departments and administrative units of Milwaukee County unless otherwise noted.  These procedures apply to all employees of Milwaukee County. 

      The AMOP is an electronic resource that will eventually include an electronic version of all administrative procedures.  If you do not find the procedure you are looking for,

      please contact, or the relevant department.  Several departments may have procedures that are still currently enforceable, but not yet posted on the AMOP. 





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