2007 Adopted Operating Budget



2007 Adopted Operating Budget Narrative

Detailed Budget by Department

Personnel Detail by Department




The 2007 Milwaukee County Adopted Operating Budget Narrative can be viewed by clicking on the link above.  Please note that the Budget Narrative is a large document in pdf format and may take a few minutes to download.  It will be faster and may be more convenient to view individual departmental budgets of interest by clicking on the links listed below:



1000 County Board

1001 Department of Audit

1011 County Executive General Office

1019 DAS Office for Persons with Disabilities

1021 County Executive Veteran's Service Office

1040 County Board Office of Community Business Dvlp Partners

1110 Civil Service Commission

1120 Personnel Review Board

1130 Corporation Counsel

1135 DAS Labor Relations

1140 DAS Human Resources

1150 DAS Risk Management

1151 DAS Administration and Fiscal Affairs

1152 DAS Procurement

1160 DAS Information Management Services Division

1188 DAS Employee Benefits

1192 DAS Economic and Community Development

2000 Combined Court Related Operations

2430 Department of Child Support

3010 Election Commission

3090 County Treasurer

3270 County Clerk

3400 Register of Deeds

4000 Office of the Sheriff

4300 House of Correction

4500 District Attorney

4900 Medical Examiner

5040 DTPW Airport

5070 DTPW Transportation Services

5080 DTPW Architectural, Engineering and Environmental Services

5100 DTPW Highway Maintenance

5300 DTPW Fleet Management

5600 Milwaukee County Transit/Paratransit System

5700 DTPW Facilities Management

5800 DPW Director's Office

6300 DHHS Behavioral Health Division

7200 DHHS County Health Programs

7900 Department on Aging

8000 Department of Health and Human Services

9000 Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture

9500 Zoological Department

9700 Milwaukee Public Museum

9910 University Extension Service

9960 General Debt Service Fund



1901*  Unclaimed Money (1901-4980)

1933 Land Sales

1937 Potawatomi Revenue

1969 Medicare Part D Revenue

1991*  Property Taxes (1900-1201)

1992* Earnings on Investments (1900-1850)

1993* State Shared Taxes (1900-2201)

1994* State Exempt Computer Aid (1900-2202)

1996* County Sales Tax Revenue (1900-2903)

1997* Power Plant Revenue (1900-4904)

1998* Surplus (or Deficit) from Prior Year (1900-4970)

1999* Other Miscellaneous Revenue (1900-4999)



1905 Ethics Board

1908 County Historical Society

1912 VISIT Milwaukee (formerly Greater Milwaukee Convention and Visitors Bureau)

1913 Civil Air Patrol

1914 War Memorial Center

1915 Villa Terrace, Charles Allis Art Museums

1916 Marcus Center for the Performing Arts

1921 Human Resource and Payroll System

1923 Milwaukee County Automated Land Information System

1930 Offset to Internal Service Charges

1935 Charges to Other County Organization Units

1939 Retirement Sick Allowance Payments

1945 Appropriation for Contingencies

1950 Employee Fringe Benefits

1961 Litigation Reserve Account

1966 Federated Library System

1972 Wage Supplemental Account

1974 Milwaukee County Fund for the Arts

1985 Capital Outlay, Depreciation Contra

1987*  Debt Issue Expense (1900-8026)

1989*  Investment Advisory Services (1900-6025)


*Org unit numbers have been reassigned.  Previous org unit numbers are listed in parenthesis.

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