1999 Senior Hall of Fame

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Carl C. Baranek

Carl C. Baranek is an active volunteer with the Cudahy Lyons and received the prestigious Melvin Jones Fellow Award in 1991, among other honors. 

He is an active volunteer and member of the Board of Directors of Cudahy/St. Francis Interfaith Program for the Elderly and Treasurer for four years.  He volunteers for the IRS Income Tax Assistance Program and is a life member of the Wisconsin Slavic Historical Society, serving as President from 1997 to 1999.


He is a past member of the City of Cudahy Building Board, Holy Family Church Building Board, past President of Grant Park Senior Men's Golf Club, City of Cudahy Economic Development Commission and past volunteer of TV Channel 10/36 Friends.

Carl volunteers for the GMO PGA Golf Tournament and has worked as a volunteer for the Aurora Health Care Futures Charity Golf Classic for the last seven years.  Any time a person needs assistance, Carl C. Baranek is always there.


Ida Bondy

Any day of the week or any time of the year there are many people who, out of desperation, turn to some organization for assistance.  Ida Bondy is one of those volunteers who raises funds and provides services to many of these needy people in our community.  Member of the St. Vincent De Paul Society, Daughters of Luke, YMCA, Knights and Ladies Peter Claver, and many other organizations, are truly blessed to work with and experience the dedicated service of Ida Bondy.


Mrs. Bondy has been observed taking care of a stranger's personal needs, or reaching out to share, comfort, and help those who are oftentimes destitute and in dire need of some type of assistance.


Mrs. Bondy goes above and beyond what most people would do to help remove suffering from an individual's life.  She asks nothing in return.

Ida Bondy reminds her core volunteers that people can't plan when they are going to need help.



Raquel Clemente

Raquel Clemente volunteers at the LaGuadalupana Senior Center, assisting the staff throughout the program day.  She is instrumental in the smooth operation of the Nutrition Program by serving as a hostess and by serving meals on certain weekends.

Raquel is an active participant and role model, encouraging others to join in.  Being a good listener, she is supportive of clients who may need a caring person to talk with and keep a confidence.  Always sensitive to the needs of others, Raquel makes the staff aware when clients may be experiencing a crisis and need special care. 


Visiting Senior Center clients when in the hospital and homebound elderly who are without family or friends are other kindnesses she performs. 


Raquel also volunteers at a nursing home, helping Hispanic residents with reading, playing games, reminiscing, going on field trips, etc.  Raquel Clemente's life is one of caring.



James Krause

For the past 20 years James Krause has been an active volunteer in Milwaukee's Senior Meal Program.  He not only volunteers at one of the nutrition sites, but has been Chairman of the Nutrition Council for the past 16 years.  In that capacity, his leadership has brought the Nutrition Council into a cohesive, smooth-running enterprise.


Jim has been the major liaison between the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups (CWAG) and the Milwaukee Nutrition Council and has done much to involve Council members in CWAG's activities.  He is a vocal and dedicated advocate on behalf of Milwaukee County's elderly.


"No" is not a part of Jim's vocabulary.  In spite of heavy involvement with numerous volunteer groups, Jim somehow manages to find time for one more leadership role and one more activity. James Krause's busy schedule never interferes with his concern for others.


Patricia D. Miller

Patricia D. Miller takes part in the Indian Council of the Elderly, where she is a good listener and sensitive to the needs of others.  She volunteered for Indian Summer in the Fall of 1998.


Pat visits a shut-in bi-weekly, drives an elder to the grocery store once a week, and has taken a single mother with her two children shopping for over 14 years. 

Recently Pat has been volunteering a day a week at the Blinded Veterans Association and also serves as secretary at their regular quarterly meetings.


The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee sponsored a Beyond Racism Project in 1993.  Pat was a part of that group and is presently in her 6th year of service on their Board of Directors.


The above activities have all been self-initiated.  Patricia D. Miller saw the need and offered her services, which fulfills her religious belief that "Service is worship." 

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