1997 Senior Hall of Fame

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Kenneth D. Clark 

Despite being a few months short of 80 years of age, Ken Clark is a largely self educated, caring person who gives cheerfully of his time to help others.  This is clearly evident by the hours he puts in, prior to tax filing deadlines, to complete the myriad of forms required to be filed in behalf of the Allied Council of Senior Citizens. 


At the same time, he seldom refuses to help others who query him regarding the filing of individual income tax returns.  He does his accounting work accurately – the time consuming old-fashioned way – with pencil and pen.  He is an inspiration to many of his younger peers. 


Ken's dedicated volunteerism on behalf of consumers has garnered him recognition from many quarters, including an award for Outstanding Contribution to Volunteer Services. 


Ken Clark is an outstanding role model for all senior citizens. He has overcome the daily aches and pains experienced by us all to get out and leave an indelible mark on all of the many people he touches.


Sarah C. Ettenheim

Sarah Ettenheim is a citizen advocate for many causes and for all ages.  At Age 85, this indomitable woman is still spending many hours each week serving our county and it's citizens.  She represents the needy, the handicapped, the elderly, the young, the battered women, and the hungry. She fights for corrections standards, for transportation, for education.  She has spent a lifetime knowledgeably representing a battery of causes – creating change and improvements in each area.


Sarah's volunteer advocacy is apparent in the long lost of organizations for which she has served as a commissioner or as a board member.  Fittingly, she has been honored with an array of honors and awards, including the Spirit of Milwaukee Special Service Award.


Milwaukee County and its citizens are extremely fortunate to be the focus of Sarah Ettenheim's advocacy.


Jettie Lee Jones

Jettie Lee Jones loves people and likes to express that love through action.  A single word that can be used to describe Mrs. Jones is "advocate".  Although she has debilitating health problems, she does not let disease stop her in her unceasing effort to help her community.   She tries to make people comfortable by offering smiles as well as reassurance. Jettie offers friendship and welcomes all into her heart. She believes in the power of community, family, and spirituality and she puts her beliefs into action by being an advocate, a volunteer and a friend.


Jettie Lee's volunteer involvement for community and church has bought her numerous awards in recognition of her outstanding and dedicated service. 

Jettie Lee Jones is selfless. She thinks of those who have no voice of their own and offers them a strong one with which to express themselves.  These qualities make her a very special human being since she cares through her actions.



Zella Nash

Zella Nash is a role model for all ages of people.  She puts others before herself and always has time to give to them.  She joined numerous groups and organizations because she wanted to help and give something to people of her community.  She is always lending a helping hand or an ear to listen.  At 89 years of age, Zella is still as active as ever within the community, with no thoughts of giving up.


Zella's diverse activism is represented by the wide array of organizations that profited from her volunteer involvement.  She has been publicly acclaimed for this dedication with awards that include, the "Ten Most Admired Seniors" from Security Savings and Loan.


Zella Nash is a well-respected community leader, a dedicated volunteer and a tireless advocate for Miwaukeeans of all ages.


Fred Lindner

Fred Lindner's volunteer advocacy on behalf of older adults in Milwaukee County has extended for over a decade.  The impact of his involvement may be seen in a wide range of legislation to improve the lives of the elderly, in the expansion of Wisconsin's home and community based care system, and in the quality of programs he has supported and been involved with.  His political savvy and unbending belief in the dignity and power of older people had been an inspiration to those who have the privilege of knowing and working with Fred/


Fred's active participation in an extensive array of community and governmental advocacy organizations has earned him many honors including Outstanding Service Proclamations and awards.


Fred Lindner's extensive work on behalf of the elderly, his lifelong commitment to justice and fairness and his innumerable contributions to the aging network both locally and statewide clearly warrant him this honor.

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